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3 Dogs and a Baby: Part 1

Should I have a baby with 3 dogs? Multiple dog household and baby. Large dogs and newborn. Living with dogs and baby. My Google search history consisted of some variation of 3 dogs and a baby for months. 

Even before we decided to try to conceive, friends and family would question why we had 3 large dogs, one of which was a pitbull (cue audible gasp). Apparently the scale for dog ownership goes like this: one dog is cool, two dogs are okay, three or more dogs are insane. And yes, there are days when our house is a madhouse.

We met and fell in love with Chloe the pitbull a few months before we decided to try for a baby. Chloe had spent a year as police evidence in a cruelty case and then another 2 years at the rescue where we met her. She was about 4 years old and had spent most of her life locked up. 
We started fostering Chloe and ended up foster failing. A few months later, we found out we were expecting our first human baby, Harry. Thus the Googling extravaganza began. 
The peanut gallery got louder and more opinionated once we announced the pregnancy. Spoiler alert: many people, including Harry’s grandparents, implored us to get rid of our big dogs (or at least the pitbull). 

But our dogs are our original babies. If it wasn’t for our four-legged children, we would never have considered having a human baby. It was unthinkable to us to give up any of our dogs. 
As of this post, Harry is 13 months old and we still have 3 large dogs. There are still days when our house is a madhouse. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your dog(s). In this series, we’re going to discuss how we prepared the dogs for the baby ‘s arrival and what we do to keep everyone happy and mostly sane. Keep posted! 

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