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5 Things To Do With Your Dog During a Quarantine

We are on our first full day of shelter in place here in Chicago during the age of COVID-19 or Coronavirus.  This is a stressful and scary time for all of us but the silver lining is that we get to spend lots of time with our furry family.  Here are 5 things to do with your dog while you’re cooped up inside for the next few weeks.

Potty Training

Whether you are wanting to teach your dog to eliminate on a pad or just alert you when they need to go to the bathroom, now is the time to start potty training!
Whatever method you choose, consistency is the most essential part of successfully potty training your dogs.  Once they learn that they will have an opportunity to use the bathroom at your chosen spot/time, they should continue to hold it even when you return to your regularly scheduled routine.  

Plus taking your dog for a walk is a great way to get some fresh air while still social distancing!

Crate Training

If you haven’t crate trained your anxious and/or destructive dog for fear of them injuring themselves, now is the time to do it while you’re able to be close by.  Crate training is a great tool to teach anxious and destructive dogs that they have a safe space to sleep, rest, and relax in.  Read our article on why you should crate train your dog.


Vets are open for business but groomers are closed.  Our dogs need us to step it up to keep their fur fabulous and their nails trimmed.  Some items that are handy to keep on hand: a brush, rake (for dogs with double coats like Huskies), dog friendly shampoo, and nail trimmers or a Dremel tool.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, check out our review on grooming tables. 

Teaching Old Dog New Tricks

While “play dead” and “shake” never get old, now is a great time to teach or even brush up on basic commands.  Sit, down, stay, crate, and come are some of the basic commands every dog should know.


It’s an unprecedented time in our history.  With the constant stream of bad news, stress and anxiety are through the roof.  If all you can do is snuggle with your dog in bed, that is enough.  You will both get some much needed endorphins released.  Self-care above all else. Sending you all best wishes and stay healthy.

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