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Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel – The Best Large Dog Kennel for Travel

Life is tough for ultra big dogs. Even human sized furniture often isn’t big enough. And, it’s tough to find high quality large dog kennels.

The Aspen Pet Porter large dog kennel is the answer for ultra big dog breeds. It’s big, and, a good price for being so big.

Here’s why we recommend the Aspen large dog kennel:

What to look for in a large dog kennel?

We have a few boxes to tick on what we look for in a kennel for our ultra large dog breeds.

  1. Should be able to handle the weight of a big pupper
  2. Should be large enough for most ultra large breeds to stand up and turn around
  3. Should be well-ventilated and meet airline requirements
  4. Should be light enough to be carried around easily

Features of the Aspen Pet Porter Large Dog Kennel

  • Can handle dogs up to 90 pounds, so **most** large dogs
  • Dimensions are 40″ long x 27″ wide x 30″ height, so your dog will be comfortable in this kennel as long as they are shorter than 30″ at their shoulder
  • Only weighs 24 pounds
  • Has ventilation on all four walls and meets standard airline requirements
  • Heavy-duty plastic shell and metal screws keep the kennel stronger for longer
  • Lightweight plastic design allows for easy and secure travel and transport
  • Assembles easily with metal nuts and bolts for a quick, no-hassle set up and sturdy construction
  • Stock up on the classic pet products you need every day as a pet owner. From orthopedic beds to sturdy chicken coops, Aspen Pet has everything you need to improve your life with your pet from day one

What are reviewers saying?

We’ve had the Petmate 21647 Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate, Giant, Dark Gray for a few days now and we’re really happy with it, as is our 9-month-old German shepherd Riley. This unit is an upgrade from the Petmate 21950 Vari 40-Inch Pets Kennel, 70-90-Pound, Bleached Linen that we originally purchased for him when he came home to us at 9 weeks (I used plastic crates inside of it to downsize it to accommodate his baby size and removed them as he grew). Finally, by the time he was 8 months old and 70 pounds, it was clear that I needed to up-size to an uber-giant crate as he likes to stretch out when sleeping and he could no longer sit up in it without stooping. Maybe this bothered him, maybe not, but it sure bothered me, so I initially pulled the trigger on the biggest Petmate Vari Kennel. When that arrived, I was dismayed by the poor fitment of the door – you had to really work it over and over to get it to close. Not cool. So back it went to Amazon and I ordered the Petmate Pet Porter and I was relieved that the door works smoothly. I must point out that I do not see any visible difference between the Vari Kennel and the Pet Porter other than the fact that the Pet Porter is dark gray versus the light tan of the Vari Kennel – aside from the door latch issue. Note that the Pet Porter door has the circular latch and a spring-loaded lock so it’s kind of a two-handed task to open the door, which is different from the one-handed pinch latch on the smaller crates. I will also affirm that this crate has no holes on the back side, so you may have to drill some out in case you need it for airline travel (a 5/8″ or 3/4″ bit will suffice). So in summary, I think that Riley likes his new crate and I think that he really likes the dark den-like atmosphere afforded by the dark gray color. I’ll know he’s really good with it when he sets up his lava lamp and puts his pin-ups on the walls.



Reviewers love this large dog kennel and so do we. We have been looking for a more economical kennel of this typical design, and Aspen Pet Porter has provided it.

You can check it out on amazon here.

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