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Best Dog Nail Grinder – Review of the Dremel 7300-PT Drill

We have a gorgeous brindled pit bull named Chloe. She is sweet, gentle and a really special dog. You can read more about her story here, but I’ll concisely say that she’s had a hard life till now.

Chloe is a wonderful dog for all those reasons and more, but like most pit bulls her nails are long and sharp. If we leave her nails alone she’ll scratch up the floors and furniture just walking around.

Most dog owners struggle with different aspects of our furry friends, whether it’s shedding, separation anxiety or potty training. Nails can be one of the more frustrating things to deal with because they can cause serious damage and they are difficult to deal with.

Dremel makes some interesting home improvement type tools. We were confused when we were recommended to start using a dremel dog nail grinder for Chloe’s nails.

We got a Dremel 7300-pt for Chloe’s nails and it works pretty well. I thought I’d review it here and tell you what we think.

The Problem With Other Dog Nail Solutions

It’s really difficult to use a nail clipper with Chloe’s nails for one big reason: some of her nails are brown so it’s impossible to tell where her nail bed is. If we aren’t incredibly careful we can nick her “quick” and it’s a huge bloody mess- we feel terrible. This has actually happened once or twice.

Also, we could use a manual nail file but then we’re sitting with Chloe forever trying to file her nails down. She doesn’t like it and neither do we.

Dremel 7300-pt Drill Pros

There are a lot of advantages to using the Dremel for dog nails that solve the above problems.

  • One big one: there’s not really any chance of nicking the dog’s quick and causing a big, bloody mess.
  • Also, some dogs can be sensitive about getting their paws handled. Cutting their nails is very difficult because they are trying to pull their paws away. If you have a dog like this who is sensitive about their paws, the Dremel helps because there’s no chance of hurting your dog’s paws if they pull away.
  • One other thing. Cutting a dog’s nails takes a lot of hand strength. It’s much easier to use the Dremel instead of a nail clipper.

Dremel 7300-pt Drill Cons

  • The Dremel 7300-pt drill is really loud. Your dog probably won’t like the noise. I wouldn’t recommend using the Dremel if your dog is skittish around loud noises. There are ear covers you can get, but we haven’t used them.
  • Grinding nails can get very hot so you can’t continuously grind your dog’s nails for more than ten seconds at a time.
  • The Dremel drill can take up to 45 seconds to file a nail. It can take a little while to do all ten nails.
  • The Dremel does create nail dust, so you’ll have to clean afterward.
  • You have to replace the drill heads every once in a while.


So yeah, that’s my brief review of the Dremel 7300-pt drill. We really like it. It’ll definitely work for you if you have struggled with other nail solutions and your dog can stand loud noises. I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting it if your dog is sensitive to loud noises (unless you want to get some of those ear covers).

You can find it on amazon here:

Let me know if you get one and how it works for you!

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