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Covid Lockdowns Causing Jump in Pet Adoptions?

I heard some good news today. It looks like there has been a big jump in pet adoptions.

That’s just phenomenal. I truly hope even more people start to consider adopting a cat or dog. These animals languish at the shelter and they are desperate for a nice warm couch to nap the days away.

If you are searching around the nets for info about caring for your new pet and you find this site, please don’t hesitate to reach out with a comment on a post or sending us a message. We would love to hear from you.

I’ve always meant for this site to be a resource for people wanting to adopt a shelter dog.

We have three so I’m sure we can be of some help to you if you’re struggling. And if we can’t, we can point you in the right direction where you can find some resources.

Anyway, as always thank you for visiting, reading and hopefully sharing.

All the best!

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