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Dog Bath Essentials

Has your dog developed a not-so-cute odor but absolutely loathes bathing? Regular baths help with odor, itchiness, and if you’re a parent of a double coated dog–the dreaded shedding. Here are some bath time essentials we love for your furry pups.

Pecute Pet Grooming Gloves

These grooming gloves help with lathering in their favorite shampoo but also helps easily extract gobs of shedding fur from our husky mix. The combo of soft bristles and silicone help the loose fur stick to the gloves and you just remove the fur from the gloves and repeat.

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Pro Pet Works All Natural Soap w/ Oatmeal

We have a dog with allergies and in the summer, he gets hot spots. Oatmeal based shampoos are a must for soothing sensitive, itchy skin. An added bonus of this shampoo is that it helps with deshedding as well..

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Suctioned Treat Pad

If your dog hops right back out of the tub and you don’t have an extra pair of helping hands, what they need is a good ole fashioned distraction. This treat pad can be smeared with some peanut butter and has suction cups on the back so you can stick it to your shower wall. Then your dog will be happily occupied licking up their peanut butter treat as you lather them up. Make sure your peanut butter (or other treat) of choice is dog tummy friendly.

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Doggy Hoodie Ear Muffs

If your dog needs a blow dry as the last step to their grooming but hates the loud noise, these doggy ear muffs are groomer approved. These can also be used if you Dremel or use an electric filing tool on their nails and they are sensitive to the drilling sound. 

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Detangling Spray for Dogs

If you brush or de-shed your long haired dogs after their bath, this detangling spray is a must have. It helps the comb or brush glide through instead of getting tangled in a snarl. We use this on our husky mix before using a deshedding tool like the Furminator.

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Doggy Towel Bathrobe

Is this an essential item? Maybe not. But is it darn cute? You betcha.

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