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Dog Days of Summer… Finally!

With Memorial Day comes the unofficial start of summer! Longer days, rising temperatures, and more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with your furry pals! Here are some handy tips to keep your dogs safe and happy this summer:

-Walk them early in the morning or after the sun has set to prevent scorched paws. Consider booties if you live in a particular hot climate. 

-Never leave dogs in a car, temperatures can climb quickly! 

-Keep them hydrated. If going on a long hike, bring a collapsible bowl and bottle(s) of water for your dog. 

-Add ice cubes to water bowl. 

-Place a cold wet towel for them to lay on. 

-Get a doggy wading pool. Here’s one we like.

-Provide shade–umbrella, tent, tarp.

-Make frozen pupsicle treats–our dogs love some mashed banana and peanut butter stuffed inside a Kong toy.

-Make sure you are on top of their heartworm and flea and/or tick prevention. Make sure to check with your vet on what brand to give your dogs if you also have cats. 

-Keep an eye out for symptoms of heat stroke–excessive panting or drooling, glazed eyes, elevated pulse, lack of coordination, vomiting/diarrhea, and fainting. If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke, bring them to a cool shaded area and apply cold wet towels to their body. Do not dunk them directly in ice water or offer too much to drink as it might send them in shock. 

-Make sure to have your vet and local emergency vet contact info programmed into your phone!
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Happy summer!! 

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