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Dog Farts: Toxic Fart Edition

We all fart. Humans, dogs, babies. But some creatures take it to the next level. Our husky mix Denver could clear a room with his farts. He was our first dog so we made the mistake of giving him “acceptable” human food like bites of banana, a piece of bacon, a little of natural peanut butter. We also gave him dog treats like liver and rawhides. 

For most dogs, their stomach can handle these kinds of treats. Our second dog Benji once ate a discarded piece of sandwich off an alley floor and had zero issues. Denver has an extremely sensitive stomach, so the smallest “treat” would turn into toxic farts and sometimes even diarrhea. When his stomach was upset, he would pace and be generally restless because he couldn’t get comfortable.

Here is what we did to help him with his toxic fart syndrome:

  • No random treats even if they are “dog approved.” We tried all kinds of treats: store-bought and homemade. Meat based, peanut butter based, dental treats, rawhides, etc. But for Denver, even a bite of banana could turn into diarrhea. It’s hard especially since our other 2 dogs enjoy treats but his temporary discomfort from not getting a treat is not worth the day-long discomfort if he does get a treat.
  • Try a sensitive formula dog food. We use a high protein, grain free dry dog food that all 3 dogs enjoy. When switching foods, make sure to transition slowly. Mix some of the new food with their old food and keep increasing the amount of the new food every few days. If you go straight to a new food and your dog has a sensitive stomach, that is definitely a recipe for a very upset stomach.
  • Measure their food, don’t just eyeball it. If Denver overeats, it also gives him stomach trouble. Consistency is key for him.
  • Use a slow feeding bowl. Denver would inhale his food and this caused a lot of trapped air and discomfort.
  • Try yogurt or a probiotic. Plain (NOT vanilla) yogurt or a probiotic can be helpful for dogs with tummy troubles. We give Denver yogurt occasionally as it is the only treat his stomach tolerates.

Good luck with your stinky pup!

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