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Dogs of Winter

Wow it’s -2 degrees where we live today. And with the windchill it’s even colder.

This is as good a time as any to talk about having dogs in the bitterly temperatures.

We want our dogs to be happy and healthy- so limiting their exposure to the freezing temps is important.

Here are our 5 tips to promote happy pups during the cold months.

Walks are Better Than Unstructured Backyard Time

My dogs get super anxious when they don’t get a chance to explore and exercise. This is especially pronounced in wintertime. I’ve found that they are happier when I make a point to take them for quick walks so they can sniff around and explore quickly before we head back into the warmth again.

Make the walks short and they’ll be okay.

Not All Dogs are the Same

Chloe, our shorthaired pit bull, cannot stand the freezing temps for more than a few minutes. She will run back to the back door immediately asking to come back inside. Benji is a longhaired mutt with a nice full coat and Denver is a Husky (made for cold weather). The two of them can hang out in the backyard for much longer.

However, even though Denver and Benji want to be outside, we have to be the ones to temper their desires and get them back inside ASAP because they can get frostbitten paws just as easily.

Dog Coats Make a Difference

Get a nice warm dog coat. We like this one. Your dog will thank you for it when you take them snow hiking.

Home Depot and Lowes Will Let Your Dog Shop With You

This was a tip we heard a couple of years ago and it has become a nice routine on the weekends. You can get some nice indoor hikes in when you bring your dog to Home Depot or Lowes. I’d call ahead just to double-check, but every store I’ve called has been cool about it.

Winter is Meant for Snuggling

The three goons

You have my permission to let your pup sleep with you during the ice cold temps! Let’s enjoy our brief time with them.

Those are my tips for surviving the winter months with your dog. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas!

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