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Review of the Endura Flap Pet Door – The Pet Door That’s an Investment

The Endura Double Flap Wall Mounted Pet Door

There are many reasons you want a pet door. There are many more reasons why you want your pet door to be high quality. That’s why you might consider an Endura double flap pet door.

Your pet door will become another feature of your house. If you opt for lower quality doors and windows, well, that’s a decision that can and will come back to bite you.

That’s why you should consider the Endura wall mounted pet door. Endura offers both a single flap and a double flap, but the double flap is what we recommend.

Here’s why.

Endura Offers the Highest Quality

Endura’s parent company has been manufacturing pet doors since 1976. The particular double flap wall-mounted design actually won the 2007 Pet Fancy Publications Editor’s Choice Award.

Since we are making our pet doors a more or less permanent feature of our home, we should really be looking at it as an investment.

That’s why the Endura flap pet door is the best choice for a wall-mounted pet door.

A Note on Proper Sizing

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We have a super-mutt named Benji that has a long, stocky body and very short legs. Benji weighs about 65 pounds. But, he’s a short stack.

Here’s a picture:

Benji by weight would probably need a larger sized pet door. However, by height Benji would need a smaller sized pet door.

So here’s a great tip to choose your pet door’s size: using a human door, have your pet wait on the other side. Holding a treat in your hand, slowly open your human door until your dog willingly comes through the opening. The width that your dog will come through the door is the size of pet door you need (Benji needs a large).


Double Flaps

One of the best features about this Endura flap pet door is the double flaps. Double flaps offer multiple advantages. One of the most important advantages is the air pocket the two flaps create inside of the tunnel. This is a fantastic insulator, making this pet door an ideal all-weather and all-climate pet door.

Additionally, two flaps help keep unwanted critters outside of your home.

Magnetic Seals

Unlike many other pet doors, the Endura offers magnetic seals on all three edges of the door. These doors will stay closed in winds of up to 50 mph. Check out Endura’s leaf blower test if you don’t believe me.

Aluminum Frame

The Endura flap pet door is manufactured from the highest quality aluminum to stand up to the harshest elements. This is in contrast with many other pet doors that are manufactured out of plastic.

Again, we want to look at our pet door as an investment in our home.

Telescoping Tunnel

The tunnel will fit walls up to 8″ thick.

Locking Cover

The Endura pet doors include locking covers that can be placed on the interior entrance of the door when not in use.

Made in the USA

Endura is an American company and their products are manufactured in the United States.


Installation is on par with other wall mounted doors. If you don’t have much experience with tools then I would hire a professional. That said, if you’re up for it this will make a great DIY weekend project. But expect to spend upwards of 8 hours from start to finish.

Here’s a great video about installation.

Hear From the Reviewers

After having installed 2 of these, this is head and shoulders above any other dog doors I’ve ever used, for the reasons listed below:
Insulation – Each door is double-paned, so to speak, with hollow cores
Sealing – Most doors only have magnets along the bottom edge; these flaps are magnetically sealed on both sides as well as the bottom
Construction – Solid framing, metal tunnel, solid hinges and a quality lock-door for the inside
Installation – Well thought-out instructions (if you don’t find 4 nuts included, don’t fret, the nuts are now threaded inside the outside framing)

Living in high desert, we get hot days and cold nights – up to 60 degree swings between day and night – and constant wind (saw 65 mph gusts today). This is the only door I’ve had that doesn’t include a cold spot on the floor beside it. It seals well and doesn’t blow open. Ever. I haven’t had to close it in the middle of the night because of a storm, haven’t had to build a doghouse “tunnel” outside it or do anything else to help insulate the house better, nor have I had to replace any of the components. It looks brand-new after 6 months of constant use.

Installation for both the doors I’ve put in took in the neighborhood of 8 hours, which is about par for putting a dog door in (for me, at least).

It’s expensive, but totally worth it.


I have installed just about every dog door available, and none are even remotely close to the quality and performance of the Endura Flap. I currently have two other dog doors installed in my home and needed a third for a new run we had put in. This run faced southwest, which is the direction most of our severe weather and high winds come from. Having just experienced a significant Sierra storm from that direction with 50+ mph winds and horizontal snow, I’m pleased to report that not only did this dog door far exceed my expectations in that scenario, but I could not detect any difference between where the door was installed and the window or wall adjacent. NO wind or precipitation made it past the double flaps. I was hesitant to spend this much money on a dog door, but now I know it was worth every penny.



The Endura double flap pet door offers the highest quality manufacturing and the most features of any pet door on the market. It’s worth making the investment into a new feature of your home. It will stand up to the harshest elements while ensuring that your dogs have the freedom they desire.

Check it out here on Amazon!

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