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Find Your Dog Door – The 5 Best Doggy Doors for Your Pup

Why do you need a dog door?

So you can keep this from happening to you:

you need a pet door

I’m just kidding. That (probably) won’t happen to you. You should still install a dog door, though.

You might also consider a doggy door in your fence so your dog can play with the neighbor’s dog!

Seriously, though, a doggy door provides many features that make them worth installing:

  1. They help with potty training a puppy.
  2. Your senior dog can get in and out to avoid accidents while you’re gone.
  3. In the event of an emergency, like a fire, your doggies can get out of the house to safety.

And, they bring a whole new level of convenience to owning a dog. Little Rex doesn’t even need you to let him out. He just lets himself out.

What could be better?

Here are the best doggy doors on the market.

What type of door do you want?

Dog doors come in many different flavors.

Wall Mounted Door

A wall mounted door fits into a cutout in your exterior or interior wall. They are pretty simple to install and are the best choice for use in any weather and unwanted critter prevention.

That said, if you are uncomfortable with power tools you’ll have to rely on a professional for installation.

Door Mounted Door

This type of door is installed in an exterior or interior door. A door mounted door is going to be much simpler to install than the wall mounted door. However insulation could be a problem- especially in more extreme climates.

Also, as your door is much narrower than your wall, door mounted doors will have one flap. This means that unwanted critters could find their way into your house.

Sliding Patio Door Mounted Door

A patio door mounted door fits in between the sliding patio door and the door jam. There are some obvious advantages of this kind of setup- mainly that installation is very simple. Just place the doggy door into the sliding door’s frame and voila, you have a dog door.

The drawbacks are pretty obvious, too: you need to have a sliding glass door in your house. Also, insulation could be an issue as well, depending on your climate.

A Note on Fitting A Door For Your Dog

Here’s a great tip for choosing the right sized door for your dog. Using any room in your house, close the door with your dog on the other side. Holding a treat in your hand, slowly open the door. Measure the door when it is just wide enough that your dog will slip through to get a treat. That’s the size of door you want (credit to Concord Carpenter for this tip).

Our Choice for a Wall Mounted Door

The Endura Double Flap Pet Door

There are several reasons why the Endura Double Flap Pet Door is our primary choice for a wall mounted doggy door.

Firstly, the design is one of, if not the best on the market. The dual flaps ensure an air pocket in the door’s tunnel. This means that the insulation will be superb.

The flaps are bordered on three sides with magnets creating a proper seal. These flaps are rated for up to 50 mph winds and -40 degree temperatures. Weather will not be coming into your home through this door (unless you live in a hurricane). Also, the flaps will prevent little outdoor critters from making their way into your house.

Secondly, the telescoping tunnel will keep any moisture from accumulating in the wall. This is necessary for mold prevention and helps maintain the integrity of your walls.

Hear from reviewers:

I switched from my original dog door to the endura flap due to moving the door from a covered patio location to a wall that had no coverage from the elements. Live in Phoenix and needed a door that could keep the heat out and wouldnt deteriorate due to the sun beating on it.

Have 3 dogs that range from 15-50 lbs and i use the medium door (8×14). None of my dogs have an issue using it. The magnets hold up very well in a monsoon but allow my smallest dog to get out with no problems.

Ive never had any water issues and the door is on an exterior wall with absolutely no covering. The other amazing thing about this door is that both my houses that I installed this on had 2×6 framing with 3/4 drywall, and stucco and the tunnel had no issues spanning the interior of the wall.


Excellent door.

I bought a year ago, and it is still holding up perfectly. My dog goes in and out of this door about 1 million times per day, and there are no issues with it.

I ordered a Medium. My dog is a Toy Australian Shepherd that now weights about 20 LBS. When we first installed the door we removed the side magnets and just had 1 of the bottom ones installed to make it easier for the dog to go in and out (He was about 7 lbs back then). We now have the 2 side magnets and 1 bottom one on each flap and he has no issues opening it.

It holds out weather perfectly. When temps reached 115 Deg outside the temperature inside was 70 degrees as set by my AC. We have had high winds and it does not budge the flaps.



  • Telescoping frame fits any wall from 2″-8″ thick.
  • Rated to insulate your house for winds of up to 40 mph and temperatures up to -40 degrees.
  • Flaps are surrounded on three sides by magnets for proper seal.
  • Includes a locking cover that will completely secure the doggy door when not in use.
  • Sturdy aluminum tunnel stands up to years of use.


  • Installation is simple if you know what you’re doing and are comfortable with power tools. Otherwise you’ll need this professionally installed.
  • Senior dogs may struggle with pushing through the two, strongly secured magnetic flaps.

Click here to check it out!

Runner-up: Best Value Door Mounted or Wall Mounted Door

Ideal Pet Products Ruff Weather Pet door

The Ideal Pet Products Ruff Weather pet door is nearly as good as the Endura Double Flap. It provides many of the same features for a fraction of the price.

This pet door is manufactured out of structural foam molded plastic and comes out of the box ready for door installation. It can be fit into a wall with the purchase of an extra wall installation kit.

The door flaps are vinyl and sealed on the bottom edge with magnets. While these flaps won’t be as strong as the Endura pet door, they should be plenty good for homes in mild climates.

Hear from the reviewers:

Sturdy, well made. Two flap system is effective as a weather barrier. I have 3 Siberian Huskies: 9 month old 50lbs, 4 year old 70lbs, 14 year old 45lbs. This size works very well for them. I already had a single flap system from PetSafe with a 6” wall cut through that I wanted to replace. I also bought the wall extension kit. The included instructions are easy to follow but do follow them precisely. Be sure to have a sharp blade for your hacksaw and a securely mounted vice grip when cutting throug the screws. Thus is important for mounting the inside and outside frames together. I didn’t have to cut through the wall but the provided template and instructions are thorough. Finally, the two flaps have magnetic closures on the bottom that are good at holding the flaps in place. I am totally satisfied with this product.


Love the height of the door because we have tall dogs and could easily give this 5 stars. However, I wish they had a size that was not as wide because the rough cut out is 15 1/2 inches, which a problem if your plan is to put it through an exterior wall where the wall is built to code with 16 inch on center studs (the door can’t fit between the studs at 15 1/2 inches!), which is why it only gets three stars. It would be nice if the XL model was just 3 inches taller…



  • A good value.
  • Provides good weather protection.
  • Can be used for door or wall installation (wall installation kit must be purchased separately).


  • Reviewers report some moisture buildup in their walls- must ensure proper installation and the door still may not be right for extreme climates.
  • Vinyl flaps are secured on only the bottom edge- may be a problem in weather of high winds.
  • Plastic construction is good, but won’t last as long as the Endura’s aluminum build.

Click here to check it out!

Our Choice for a Patio Door

Ideal Pet Products Pet Patio Door for vinyl sliding doors

Ideal Pet Products makes some very nice pet patio doors that are great for warmer weather and mild climates.

One of the major advantages of getting a doggy door that works with sliding doors is the ease of installation. Compared to door or wall installation, this door will be a breeze. And reviewers report as much.

Another advantage of this patio door is that it is insulated, so it should work during the colder months as well.

The door pictured is for vinyl doors. If you have an aluminum sliding door, check out the ideal pet products aluminum door (uninsulated).

Hear from the reviewers:

So far we absolutely love it! Install took time but wasn’t too difficult. All 3 dogs and 2 cats can use it and with our extra wide slider we have perfect access. He lock wouldn’t keep anyone determined out, but the door is also big enough for an adult to climb through.


It is a pleasure to give a good review for a product that does what it is supposed to do. If you measure correctly (twice), read all the instructions first (something those of us a bit older have learned from experience!), and take your time, installation is very straightforward. It fit my vinyl slider perfectly, and my dog and I are both happier. I sealed the seams at the top of the door with white caulk to keep a bit of the cold air out. This model will allow you to lock the slider to the new insert, some models do not. (That said, if someone other than my dog wants in, they can just crawl through the dog door, they don’t need to unlock the slider!).



  • This door is pretty well insulated and features dual pane tempered “low e” glass designed to reflect heat.
  • Installation is a snap.
  • Good choice for dogs living in warmer climates or the summer months.


  • Not for extreme or winter weather.
  • Has a single flap vinyl door that may not be the best choice in heavy winds.

Check it out here!

Our Choice for a Door Mounted Door

Endura Single Flap Door Mounted Pet Door

Here’s another Endura entry on the list: they make an excellent door mounted door. This doggy door can be installed with one or two flaps (although your door should be narrow enough that two flaps won’t make much of a difference).

This highly rated door shares many of the same features as the double flapped wall mounted door above. It is also rated for heavy winds and extreme temperatures.

It’s one best feature is that mounting it to a door is going to be a much simpler installation process than mounting it to a wall. You’ll still need some power tools, though.

Hear from the reviewers:

I ordered this pet door 15 months ago, and I am SO glad I did. I’ve bought five other pet doors in my years of having pets and if I ever need to buy another one I’ll gladly spring the extra money for another Endura Door. I have two dogs and a cat who use this every day. (Yes, the cat can use it.) It keeps out a direct driving rain. A 40 mph wind doesn’t even budge the flap. My escape artist German Shepherd/Doberman can’t open solid door when I slide it in place. And while the flap certainly has a few surface scuffs after all this time, it is as solid as the day I installed it. Which was, by the way, the easiest installation of any door we’ve owned. Quality parts with tight tolerances and clear, easy-to-follow directions! What a stark contrast from previous pet doors!

We were hesitant to pay the extra money for the Endura Door, but after having a frustrating experience with so many doors before we figured we’d give it a try. We were so glad we did. If you can dig a little deeper into your pockets, you will be glad too!


The magnetic closure is very strong and makes a loud noise when the flap swing shuts. This was the main reason why my dogs did not want to use it. I temporarily removed the magnetic bar to reduce that noise and allow for the flap to be opened much easier while training my dogs to use the dog door. Removing that bar leaves a 1 – 2″ open gap to the outside under the door flap so you don’t want to leave this off. After they mastered the dog door I put the bar back on and they eventually warmed up to the loud clanging noise when the flap closes.



  • Door installation is much simpler.
  • Rated for winds up to 50 mph and temperatures as low as -40 degrees.
  • Can be installed with 1 or 2 flaps.
  • Manufactured from aluminum so will withstand years of use.
  • Includes a locking cover when not in use.


  • Like any door mounted door, insulation may be an issue especially in extreme climates.
  • As the reviewer above stated, the doors are noisy when they close.

Get it here!

Our Choice for a Door Mounted Electronic Door

Petsafe Electronic Pet Door

The Petsafe electronic pet door is unique on this list for being the only electronic pet door. It’s pretty cool. Here’s how it works.

You are provided with two smart keys that you attach to your dog’s collar. When your dog wishes to go in or out the pet door the sensors pick up the signal from the smart key and open the door.

This feature is ideal for preventing other critters from getting into your home, like this baby fox that wandered into a dog door.

The Petsafe door mounts to your interior or exterior doors making installation pretty simple.

However, insulation may be an issue if you live in more extreme climates.

Hear from the reviewers:

Works great. We had a problem with raccoons getting through the dog door. So far this door has worked out great. It took a little time for our dog to figure out the procedure of getting through the door but had it down by the first day.


It was ok to install (god forbid things are’t 100% lined up) and dog was 90% trained to use it… then winter came. As soon as it got cold (we are in midwest) door malfunctioned. locked unlocked on its own. We changed batteries, did ALL the troubleshooting, only to find that the hinge on the door has frost on it. Keeps resetting and needing to relearn. Very slow and sluggish. This product does NOT do well with cold and has been rendered useless.



  • Electronic sensors will ensure this door opens for and only for your dog.
  • Easy to install.
  • Will work best in warm climates.


  • Not well insulated.
  • Reviewers noted that it malfunctioned in cold weather.

Buy it now!


There are a ton of dog doors on the market. The bottom line- decide whether you want a wall, door or patio door mounted dog door. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve made that decision, get the door that best fits your needs.

Anyway, hope this post was helpful. As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments down below.

If you’re looking for something else, check out my list of the best dog houses!

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