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Grooming Essentials for Dogs that Shed

Did you fall in love with a long haired dog that is a major shedder? When we adopted our husky mix we knew that shedding came with the territory. We just didn’t expect to have hairballs the size of tumbleweeds rolling through our living room. Here are the essentials we use to keep his shedding at bay.

1. A deshedding brush to comb off all the loose fur. We like the Furminator brand in general but for our husky mix, we prefer the one specially designed for dogs with an undercoat (see our review here). During shedding season, we brush him 1-2 times a week. Outside of shedding season, we brush him once every few weeks.

2. In between brushings, we like to use a pet grooming glove. It’s not as thorough as the brush but he also doesn’t have to sit as patiently to use this. It’s good to quickly brush out large loose tufts of fur (IYKYK).

3. Regular baths will also help with shedding. Using a shed control shampoo will boost those results. This one exfoliates and nourishes their skin.

4. We like this silicone brush to help exfoliate and massage the shampoo into the fur. This also acts as a brush as you lather them up.

5. Spray in conditioner helps with detangling long haired dogs. This also ensures your deshedding brush doesn’t get snagged on knotted fur and cause discomfort for your dog. It also leaves their coat nice and shiny and your dog smelling fresh. 

If I had to only buy one tool, I would definitely have a good deshedding brush. What are some of your dog grooming essentials for dogs that shed?

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