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Helping Your Dog Cope as You Return to the Office

In the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, animal shelters across the country were being emptied out by eager adopters that found themselves with a lot of time stuck at home. Now that schools and offices are re-opening, there have been countless stories of animals being returned to the shelter.

Prepare Them To Be Alone 

Even if you are not back in the office full time yet, I would still encourage you to start practicing like you are. Whether you are going to crate train, hire a dogwalker, or find a doggy daycare, try it out for a few days to see how your dog reacts. You want them to acclimate rather than go cold turkey.

Crate Training

A lot of these COVID adoptees have not had to spend much time away from their humans. This change in schedule is probably shocking and scary for them. Especially since they were previously abandoned, separation anxiety is to be expected. If your dog has destructive habits already, crate training is a good option to help them learn to cope with your absence. The crate can become their safe haven. This is a good option if you are on a fairly predictable schedule and aren’t gone for too long of a stretch each day. If your dog is too young or too old to be crated for long periods, consider hiring a dogwalker or enrolling them in doggy day care.

Hiring a Dogwalker

Check your local Facebook group or use the wag or rover apps or hire the college kid down the block to come by to walk your dog during mid-day. You find a dogwalker from a number of different platforms and hire one for a reasonable price.  

Doggy Daycare

If your dog has the temperament to be around other dogs, this could be an option as well. This is the most expensive option but again not a good fit if your dog has behavioral problems with other dogs.

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