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How to get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Has this ever happened to you? It’s shedding season and you have guests coming over. You have 3 large dogs including 1 husky mix and the carpet is covered with dog hair. Here are some tips on how to get that dog hair out so your guests don’t leave coated in fur.

1. Wet your hand or a pair of dishwashing gloves and rub over the surface of the carpet. Tedious but effective. 

2. Use a rubber carpet rake. This will loosen the fur from the rug fibers and allow you to easily sweep or vacuum up the pile of fur.

3. In a spray bottle, mix together a solution of 1 part fabric softener and 2 parts water. Spray over carpet and let dry completely before vacuuming. 

4. Use a deshedding mitt. Similar to option 1 but bonus use: you can also use this to remove the fur directly from the source.

5. File this under expensive but worth it: robot vacuum cleaner. We have 3 large dogs (and 2 toddlers) so this saves us from having to vacuum a million times a day. If used consistently, you’ll see significantly less fur. We run ours at night and spot vacuum as needed.

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