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Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door – Extra Large Dog Door

Extra Large Dog Door

Some of our dogs are the size of normal dogs. Some of our dogs are the size of extra-large dogs. And, some of us have dogs that are the size of small ponies. If your best friend falls into the small pony category, you might consider the Ideal Pet Products ruff-weather extra large dog door.

Here’s why.

A Note On Quality

Ideal Pet Products has been manufacturing pet doors since 1979. Hand crafted with good quality materials and excellent workmanship, these pet doors are designed for a variety of seasonal weather and climates.

The Ideal Pet Products ruff-weather pet door can be installed in a door or a wall- wall installation requires the purchase of a wall installation kit.

How Properly Size The Door For Your Dog

Here’s a great tip to choose your pet door’s size: using a human door, have your pet wait on the other side. Holding a treat in your hand, slowly open your human door until your dog willingly comes through the opening. The width that your dog will come through the door is the size of pet door you need (Benji needs a large).

Ideal Pet’s website recommends measuring from the shoulders to the paws and the width of the chest (NOT circumference). But using a door for sizing is good enough.



The super-large pet door is the largest on the market. If you have a Great Dane, St. Bernard or other huge breed of dog you’ll probably want to consider this door.

Can Be Used For Doors And Walls

The design of this pet door allows you to use it for both door and wall installation. You’ll need a wall installation kit for an exterior wall. This will fit walls ranging from 4.75″ to 7.25″.


Manufactured with foam molded plastic and two vinyl flaps for maximum energy efficiency. Our preference would be for a steel frame, like the Endura double-flap, but the Ideal Pet Products extra large dog door is good enough.

Telescoping Tunnel

Will fit doors from 3/4″ to 1 3/4″ and walls from 4.75″ to 7.25″ . You will need that wall installation kit, though.

Double Flaps

The Ideal Pet Products ruff-weather extra large dog door includes two flaps for maximum insulation and unwanted critter protection!


Check out this video for installation instructions. Seems pretty simple!

Hear From The Reviewers:

Sturdy, well made. Two flap system is effective as a weather barrier. I have 3 Siberian Huskies: 9 month old 50lbs, 4 year old 70lbs, 14 year old 45lbs. This size works very well for them. I already had a single flap system from PetSafe with a 6” wall cut through that I wanted to replace. I also bought the wall extension kit. Total installation time took me one hour. The included instructions are easy to follow but do follow them precisely. Be sure to have a sharp blade for your hacksaw and a securely mounted vice grip when cutting throug the screws. Thus is important for mounting the inside and outside frames together. I didn’t have to cut through the wall but the provided template and instructions are thorough. Finally, the two flaps have magnetic closures on the bottom that are good at holding the flaps in place. I am totally satisfied with this product.


Great product, super large size fits my Geat Dane easily.



This extra large dog door by Ideal Pet Products will serve as an excellent addition for your home. It will give you the peace of mind knowing that if there is an emergency, like a fire or flood, your dog will be able to get outside to safety.

Probably the best feature of this door is the pricing. It is definitely one of the more affordable pet doors on the market. It is also the largest.

Interested in picking one up? Check it out here.

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