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Is the Furminator or the Pet Grooming Tool Right For You?

We own both this Furminator and this pet grooming brush. We have 3 large dogs with different levels of shedding. Denver the husky mix is our heavy shedder, Benji the super mutt is our moderate shedder, and Chloe the pitbull is our light shedder. We don’t brush Chloe since she hardly sheds. Here are our thoughts on the Furminator vs the pet grooming brush for your moderate or heavy shedding dog.


  • Good for heavy shedders/dogs with an undercoat
  • Pricey
  • The FUrejector button ejects the fur accumulated in the brush. We usually hold on to their collars as we brush them, so this allows you to continue to brush without needing to stop to remove the clogged brush head.
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle that doesn’t slip
  • Beware of snags. If you used the Furminator as frequently as we do, the metal teeth do chip. When they chip, it tends to snag as you’re running the brush through the dog’s fur which can cause discomfort. At this point, you should replace your Furminator but it IS pricey to need to be replaced every so often.
  • Check it out here on amazon.

Pet Grooming Brush

  • Good for moderate shedders/dogs without an undercoat
  • Affordable
  • You need to manually pull off the accumulated fur. We usually hold on to their collars as we brush them so we have to let go once the brush gets clogged. So there is a lot of stopping and restarting. If your dog isn’t that furry, it might not be an issue but if your dog needs a long brushing, this can be a bit of a pain.
  • The handle on this model is slightly smaller so not ideal for someone with large hands
  • It is pretty durable when used on a moderate shedder. We typically only used this brush for Benji our moderate shedder but we will use it on Denver our heavy shedder in a pinch. It doesn’t get as deep as the Furminator and we have to stop frequently to unclog it which is why we do not recommend it for dogs with an undercoat.
  • Check it out here on amazon.

Take Aways

I think it’s a simple decision: if you have a heavy shedder like a husky or malamute breed dog, the Furminator is the right choice for you. Check out our other tips here for living with a heavy shedder!

If you have a moderate shedding dog, like Benji, you’ll probably be happy with the Pet Grooming Brush!

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