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Managing Husky Shedding – 5 Tips to Live With Dog Fur Everywhere

This is Denver. He is a husky. Like all huskies, Denver sheds. A lot. Husky shedding can be quite annoying, but here is how we manage it with Denver.

When do huskies shed?

Husky shedding is at its worst during two separate times of the year. The first is for about two months in the early to mid-summer (months of May-June) and two months in the early to mid-winter (months of December-January).

These periods are called “blow outs”. Huskies will shed their winter coat for a summer coat and vice versa. Outside of these two periods a husky will still shed, but it’ll be more on par with a typical dog’s shedding.

Why do huskies shed?

Huskies were bred for serious cold. They are amazing animals- friendly, good-natured and bred to withstand the bitter elements of Siberia and Alaska. Check out my post about living with huskies for more information about huskies.

In order to survive extreme weather, huskies have two coats: a top-coat and an under-coat. During the summer, huskies will shed most of their under-coat and grow a heat dissipating top-coat. During the winter, Huskies will shed the heat dissipating top-coat and grow back their under-coat.

This shedding allows huskies to live in any type of climate!

How do we manage husky shedding?

Here are 5 ways we manage Denver’s shedding.

  1. During blow out periods, we furminate him once a week.
  2. We have an excellent vacuum. During blow out periods, we vacuum once a day.
  3. He gets lots and lots of pets outside.
  4. We have never done this, but you can consider having a groomer shave your husky.
  5. Practice apologizing because you’ll be apologizing to your guests. You’ll be finding fur in random places for months!

Putting up with husky shedding is worth it. You won’t find a sillier (or more caring) pet.

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