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Our Review of the Midwest K9 Portable Steel Dog Kennel

MidWest K9 Steel Chain Link Portable Outdoor Dog Kennel, 6-ft wide

It seems like everybody is moving these days! It’s wild. Covid-19 is definitely ushered in a new era of living and lifestyle. Many of us can keep the jobs we love and live basically anywhere we want (with a high-speed internet connection)!

Our family just moved, too. We packed up our two human babies and three fur babies up into our car and left Chicago for Indiana. Our new town is awesome and this part of Indiana is gorgeous. Our sons will have plenty of friends growing up. We couldn’t be happier.

As I’m sure everyone knows, home shopping is stressful. We definitely needed a yard and hopefully a fence. Many of the homes we looked at didn’t have fences.

So, we started looking at alternatives. One option we considered was getting a kennel that we could put out in the yard so the puppies could have some outdoor time.

The best option we considered for this purpose was the Midwest k9 portable steel dog kennel. Here is our in-depth review of this fantastic kennel.

Our List of Kennel Must Haves

We really needed a semi-portable kennel that was heavy enough to be left outside year-round while also being light enough to pack up and take with us.

It also needs to be manufactured from steel or similar material so that it would be strong enough to contain our crazy dogs’ rambunctious behavior. Also, it needs to be capable of withstanding various weather elements (cold, heat, rain, snow- we get all kinds in Indiana).

The kennel also needed to have a roof or cover to provide shade from the hot sun.

There are a few kennels that meet all of these requirements, but the Midwest K9 steel dog kennel meets each need for the best value.

Midwest k9 Features

  • Strong and durable steel frame features rounded corners for your dog’s safety.
  • Chain-link construction for durability keeps the kennel lightweight for easy repositioning as needed.
  • Includes woven polyethylene sunscreen that provides 80 percent sunblock.
  • Door latch allows for 1-handed operation while holding your dog with the other hand.
  • Easy setup with 2 people and just a pair of pliers.

What are real dog owners saying?

I have 2 two 100 lb huskies. They fly and hop fences, they run when I call them, they destroy everything I buy them and have accidents in the house during New Years and the pandemic. They are my best friends and companions. Because of the crate, I have piece of mind that they are safe. Too many distractions for these monsters. Ambulances constantly, coyotes, other dogs on the run. I am very happy with the crates and very pleased with Chewie. My best friends depend on their business. Thank you Chewie. I couldn’t make it without my huzkies during these time.



The build and quality of materials of the Midwest k9 steel dog kennel are top notch. The walls are steel chain-link and the kennel is light enough to be moved regularly.

It offers every feature that was on our must have as a semi-permanent fence alternative. The roof is perfect for providing nice shade and it is strong enough to withstand our big dogs.

Also, the reviewers are raving about it!

If you’re interested in this awesome kennel, check it out here.

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