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Must Have Cleaning Tools for Homes with Shedding Dogs and Babies

As pawrents to a husky mutt, we know shedding can be a major pain. Huskies usually have a twice-a-year seasonal “blow out” of their undercoat. Does that mean they only shed twice a year? No, it means those are the times of the year that they shed THE MOST. Add a crawling baby into the mix and shedding season can be a furry nightmare. 

With three dogs, we own no less than 5 vacuum cleaners (heavy duty, handheld, robot, cordless, and wet vac) but we’ve narrowed down our must have cleaning tools for homes with shedding dogs and babies. 

Here are the cleaning tools we have used to keep our sanity during shedding season and beyond.

Cordless Vacuum

We scored our Dyson during Black Friday but there even on sale, this vacuum is expensive. That being said, you get what you pay for. We love, love, LOVE our Dyson and it is the most frequently used of our FIVE vacuum cleaners. Need to clean up all the fur from your freshly brushed husky? Couch covered in dog fur? Fur in every nook of your 3 story house? No problemo.

Robot Vacuum

We don’t wear shoes in the house so even pre-baby we noticed when our floors started feeling “gritty” underfoot despite frequent vacuuming. Robot vacuums aren’t great for heavy duty messes but if your floors are gritty from dog dander or dirt that your dogs’ paws bring in, this tool is great for that. You can even program it to run while you’re at work or sleeping. 

If your dog is puppy pad trained, you have to be really diligent about throwing out the pad before you let the robot vacuum do its thing or you’ll have a not so lovely surprise smeared all over your floors.

Steam Mop

If you have a dog and hardwood floors or tile, you need a mop of some kind for dirt, mud, etc. Pre-crawling baby (and pre-coronavirus), we were Swiffer devotees–it was easy, effective, and disposable. We switched to a steam mop because it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria without any harsh chemicals. 

 Fur Broom

If you have carpet or rugs, this broom made it as one of our other must haves. The first time we used this fur broom on our living room rug was a revelation. We thought we were doing a decent job of vacuuming up the dog fur from our rugs (spoiler alert: we were not). But even the most powerful vacuum can benefit from using this fur broom and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

And when you are simply pinched for time, a giant pack of lint rollers from your favorite warehouse store comes in handy! Keep them by the door, in your car, in your purse, at your office… Husky shedding, need I say more?

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