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My Dogs Are Growing Old

Harlow from Harlow and Sage passed away recently. We had followed them for a long time and it made me think of my own dogs’ mortality.

We adopted Denver almost 9 years ago. The website had him listed as 18 months old. His muzzle is a little whiter and he’s had some health scares (seizures) in the past few years. He is still obsessed with his humans and that crazy husky personality hasn’t slowed down with age.

Chloe is about as old as Denver and she spends most of her days snoring on a comfy chair or in her crate. I’m glad she can sleep easy after a tough early start in life. She is incredibly sweet with our sons and I wonder if she misses her own litter.

Benji is the youngest of the trio but he is no spring chicken. A few years ago, he managed to hurt his knee while leaping into the air (common for dogs with long torsos and short legs). Luckily, he made a full recovery and still loves his walks. He still has an iron stomach and will eat anything that hits the floor.

It’s sad to watch them grow old but it’s also a privilege. Not all dogs get to grow old and many dogs cross the rainbow bridge before their time. This is a reminder to love your dogs fiercely while you can. Give your dogs a belly scratch and a pet for me. 

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