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Nutri Thrive Review for Dogs – Our In Depth Review

If you’re like us you are always looking out for the best nutrition for your dogs. When I discovered nutri thrive I was interested because it was advertised to help with a number of different canine issues including: obsessive paw licking/ chewing, gas, wandering/ low level distress from gas, ending grass eating among many others.

All three of our dogs have one or a combination of these habits so we decided to give it a try. Here is our honest, unbiased nutri thrive review for our dogs.

What is nutra thrive?

If you research dogs as much as we do, you’ve probably been served ads for Ultimate Pet Nutrition. What is it? Essentially, Ultimate Pet Nutrition sells nutritional supplements for dogs and cats that eat dry pet food. Nutri thrive is a probiotic made from mushrooms. We were intrigued by the variety of claims from calming anxiety to improving your dog’s overall health, so we ordered a batch of their Nutra Thrive for dogs. We are almost through our first order and wanted to share our journey so far.

Our Dogs and their Ailments


Almost 9 year old husky mix: anxiety, gas, easily upset stomach and wandering


7 year old super mutt: itchiness, paw chewing, corn chip paws (IYKYK)


Almost 9 year old pit pull: bad breath

After the First Month of Regular Use

We initially started them on 1.5 scoops that was recommended based on their weights and cut that to half because they had some side effects.

Denver: Initially had some upset stomach reactions–diarrhea and puking. Cutting the dose helped with his gas and firmed up his poop. He has much less gas and wanders much less. Still an anxious husky about other things.

Benji: Random bouts of puking until we cut his dose. Less itchy but could also be end of the allergy season. He is definitely smelling fresher and his bed doesn’t smell like Fritos.

Chloe: Did not want to eat her food even after we cut her dose. Took her to the vet and spent $200 getting a geriatric (Chloe objects to the name of the test) blood panel that turned out that she was perfectly healthy. Breath could still knock you out.

All three still eat grass.

So far we like the results for Denver. His gassiness has been a long-term problem and the nutri thrive has helped him out a lot. We are still giving it to Benji. Chloe doesn’t get any because she won’t eat her food if the nutri thrive is on it.

Have you tried nutra thrive? Let us know what you think.

That was our unbiased nutri thrive review for dogs!

Update: Nutri Thrive is a regular part of their diet now. They all love it, even Chloe. We give each pup one full scoop with their breakfast in the morning.

Their poop is very full and solid. Denver is much less gassy. Benji is less itchy. Chloe just sleeps all the time (see below). I think she’s less stinky.

Chloe napping

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