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Review of the Groom Tool Kit for Dyson Cordless Vacuum

If you already own the expensive Dyson Cordless Vacuum V7/8/10/12/15 and don’t want to shell out for another pricy grooming vacuum like we reviewed here (link the other one), this attachment promises to be a good alternative. 

We have a Dyson V8 Motorhead and attaching the hose and grooming tool were a breeze. It doesn’t come with any instructions so you have to read through the listing or reviews to get the hang of how to use it. In order to engage the bristles of the grooming head, you need to press down on the center of the brush.

The bristles need to be engaged to brush through the loose fur. The cordless Dyson doesn’t have a continuous “on” switch, you know you have to continuously hold the “on” trigger to suction and this kit comes with a gadget to keep the vacuum running so you can brush with both hands.

We used this kit on our husky mix and here are our thoughts.


  • If you already own a compatible Dyson model, this is an inexpensive way to add more functionality to your vacuum.
  • Easy to use, we put the vacuum on a flat surface and with the continuous on device, you can use one hand to hold the grooming nozzle and one to secure your dog.
  • Suctions as you brush so fur isn’t flying all over the room. When we use a Furminator on our husky mix, we have to do it outside because there is so much fur. This is not a very pleasant task to do outside in the dead of winter or heat of summer.
  • Since the Dyson is cordless, you can set up wherever your dog is most comfortable, not just by an outlet.
  • The metal bristles did a good job de-shedding.


  • Does not fit all Dyson cordless vacuums, check your model before ordering.
  • The Dyson is quieter than traditional plug-in vacuums but it still makes noise, if your dog is noise adverse, this might not be for them.
  • The metal bristles might not work for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • The Dyson loses suction when it gets clogged with fur and the canister had to be emptied several times to get it going again. 
  • It did collect a LOT of fur but not all the fur, still had to do some light vacuuming when we were finished but not nearly as bad as just straight grooming with no suction.

Overall, if you own a compatible Dyson model, this is a great alternative to the grooming only vacuums. Keeping up with shedding is still a chore but this makes it a little less tedious.

Check it out on Amazon here.

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