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Review of the Master Equipment Small Dog Grooming Table

We are a big dog family. Never had a small dog. We aren’t crazy about small dogs, but to each their own.

I respect small dogs and small dog owners. As any dog lover knows, small dogs might as well be a completely different species from their larger relatives.

The Master Equipment grooming table is designed to be the best choice for regular grooming of your small dogs.


  • 360 Degree rotating tabletop
  • Easy-clean, non-slip tabletop measures 18″ in diameter (so very easy storage) and provides traction and control while grooming
  • Rubber feet offer stability and keep the tabletop in place
  • Can be used on any flat surface
  • Each includes a ¾” adjustable grooming arm and a coordinating-color grooming loop

What are reviewers saying?

Far exceeded my expectations! Great quality, solidly made and easy to assemble. I brush out my Havanese daily, so this table makes things so much easier. He’s a bit big for it, but still works fine. I got the table while visiting my Mom who has a Coton. He hates to be brushed, but when he saw my boy getting attention he willing let me put him on and get a test brush. It’s been three days, and the both get excited when the table comes out. I’ve even been able to come out the Coton’s gavmve – something he never let us do. Love this table!

I love everything about it and it’s already paid for itself in one grooming. Not only did I enjoy using it, my sweetie had no problem with it and was a much happier dog not having to be away from us.I did have to chuckle though at the instructions that came with the table. It said the weight capacity was 110lbs. All I could envision was an Elephant balancing itself on a ball. hahaha

If you have a small dog and want to groom at home…This is the perfect item and will make it so much easier.


The Master Equipment dog grooming table is a fantastic choice for small dogs. The small size makes for easy storage, and the rotating table makes detailed grooming a cinch.

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