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Review Of The Ortho Quilted Pillowtop Serta Dog Bed

Serta Pillowtop Dog Bed

Serta has a long history of making excellent human beds so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that they make an awesome dog bed. The pillowtop Serta dog bed is truly in its own class.

But is it right for you?

Read on for our review!

What makes a great dog bed?

Ideally a great dog bed features some form of memory foam for maximum comfort. It will also have a soft, comfortable cover that is machine washable and easy to spot clean. Also, a good bed will both stay cool and be large enough to give big dogs space to spread out. The Serta pillowtop checks all these boxes.

Features of the Pillowtop Serta Dog Bed

  • High quality pet bed made with upholstery grade fabrics.
  • The quilted cover is soft and comfortable and stays cool.
  • Assembled in the US with 100% CertiPur US certified memory foam.
  • Pressure relieving Ortho foam for superior comfort and support makes this a great choice for aging dogs or dogs recovering from injuries or surgery.
  • Machine washable removable cover with non-skid bottom. Very easy and simple to slip off and wash.
  • The large is a great choice for big dogs and dogs who like to sprawl.
  • Comes in two sizes: the large (36”x24”) and extra large (47”x39”).

What are reviewers saying?

So weve only had this a day and originally bought this for our 75 lb pitbull to sleep on whenever he’s in his crate, but obviously our 125 lb great pyrenees loves it as well. He lays on it everytime he gets the chance, he actually chooses the bed over the couch. It’s a pretty good size bed, our pittie can stretch out on it comfortably, our pyrenees curls up in a ball however (but he is a very large dog). It’s actually big enough for 2 of our pitties to lay on side by side. I definitely recommend and the price is hard to beat on this type of bed. I will update in a few months and let you know if the bed has flattened out any. 


Ok, I don’t personally love it, but my dogs sure do. I have 2 of the large Serta beds, but wanted something a little bit bigger for a handicapped Siberian Husky. I figured the extra large would be slightly bigger (yes, I know there are measurements, but I’m measurements challenged) and was a bit surprised to find that the XL bed was nearly twice the size of the large… pleasantly surprised because it’s perfect for what Sam (the handicapped dog) needs. Huge, very comfy (I can probably sleep on it comfortably) and provides the right amount of support for a disabled gimpy dog. It dries rather quickly when drooled on, and the cover unzips so you can throw it in the washer if need be (but it’s my experience that the stinkier the bed, the more they like it).

We have another Serta bed that has lasted a zillion years, and I fully expect this one (and the other two) to last just as long. Very well made, probably not chew proof (it’s a husky thing), and I highly recommend them!



The ortho quilted pillowtop Serta dog bed is a great choice for older dogs with joint problems, large dogs, and dogs recovering from injuries or surgery. The quality of the memory foam is top of the line and up to Serta’s longtime manufacturing standards. The quilted bed cover is soft and made from high quality fabrics.

Interested? Check it out here!

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