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Review of the Petmate Vari Portable Dog Kennel – The Best Travel Kennel

We are always looking for nice travel kennels that will work for both car rides and on air planes. The Petmate Vari kennel is the perfect option for both road trips and use on airlines. It’s also offered at a fantastic price point for its size.

Here’s why we highly recommend the Petmate Vari Kennel:


  • Perfect for traveling and training and comes in multiple sizes with different features, so you can choose the best size for your furry pal.
  • Tie-down strap holes molded in around the door perimeter for zip-tie installation an extra security during airline travel.
  • Vents on back and side walls with an interior moat keep pets dry.
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required for every pet parent’s convenience.
  • Meets USDA & IATA requirements for transporting your pal.

What are reviewers saying?

These kennels aren’t fancy BUT the cost of a new “Petmate” kennel was equivalent, or less, than the used kennels I had been buying. The larger “Petmate” kennels are joined by screws, instead of “convenient” clips, but they are very durable, easy to clean, relatively attractive, and incredibly practical. I love that all kennel sizes, except the 2 smallest sizes, are the same color so they look uniform in the kitchen and bedroom.

We crate all our dogs in the car and these kennels work great for travelling. Because they are so much less expensive than other kennel brands, over time, we have able to purchase enough “Petmate” kennels to have dedicated kennels in the kitchen and bedroom, and in each of our vehicles, so that we have eliminated the huge hassle of hauling kennels around, like we used to. On top of everything else, our dogs seem to love them and we have never had any problems with the kennels, and we have been using these kennels for years. I am so “sold” on these kennels, that in the past 2 months, we bought 5 more kennels, so we could finally achieve our goal of dedicated kennels for each vehicle.

This was, by far, the easiest thing I have ever assembled. Took about 5 minutes. Put our doggie bed in side of it and our 19 lb dog was very curious and got in to it very quickly. Now we can’t keep her out. It’s her new home. She outgrew her smaller one and this is just the right size for her to be able to stretch out instead of being so confined. Her doggie bed fits in it perfectly. The latching door is very well made and easy to operate.


The petmate vari dog travel kennel is the right choice for traveling- especially on an airplane. The Petmate vari kennel is light and meets government requirements for keeping your pup safe. It will also work as an at-home den.

It has a number of useful functions and we highly recommend it.

Check the Petmate Vari Kennel out on Amazon here!

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