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Review of the True Touch Deshedding Glove – The Best Deshedding Glove

Our husky, Denver, sheds like a freakin’ maniac.

He is a husky. Like any husky, he sheds and sheds and sheds.

We find dog hair in places we didn’t think possible.

There’s dog hair in the crevices of our couch.

Our shoes are full of dog hair.

Our clothes are covered with it- especially our socks.

Once in a while we find dog hair in our food.

We love Denver dearly but having dog hair everywhere is frustrating.

Why a deshedding glove?

There are lots of shedding tools out there. We have used the furminator, at least three kinds of brushes and a few different kinds of deshedding gloves.

The tool that works the best is the furminator. This is also the tool Denver hates the most.

Denver doesn’t mind the tools that don’t work- but what’s the point?

What makes a great deshedding glove?

A great deshedding glove is soft and feels like a hand. We want your dog to think they’re getting pet.

However, it also needs to remove fur!

The True Touch deshedding glove provides both features- and that’s why we recommend it!

Features of the True Touch glove

  • Your pet will enjoy a relaxing massage while the over 180 soft silicone grooming tips reach deep down to loosen and lift away hair, dirt and debris from under and off their coat like a magnet. Plus, the flexible grooming tips massage and stimulate the skin for a shiny, healthy top coat.
  • Breathable and easily cleaned mesh glove.
  • Contours to reach all the places hair hides like behind their legs, under their chest, in their tails, and around their face. And when you’re done, simply pull the hair off and throw it in the trash.
  • Guaranteed to minimize shedding.
  • Works with long, short, & curly haired dogs

Tips for using the True Touch glove

The only major tip we can provide for using the true touch glove is this: for the first week after it arrives, pet your dog while wearing this glove for 10 minutes once a day for a week. After one week of daily petting, you can cut back to petting your dog once a week for 10 minutes.

What are reviewers saying?

How great is this bloody deshedding glove!!! the first time i used it on my dog, the hair literally came off in a hand shape like it does in the ads 😛 it’s so great, the house (hopefully) will get much less fur around it from now on, plus my dog loves it!


We love this deshedding glove. It has sturdy bristles that get down into hair. It helps to remove dander along with hair. My dog is a rescue and can be fearful of things. After putting on my hand I brushed my arm while she was watching. Then started brushing her feet. Before long she was laying down to get brushed. A tip… the glove must be full of hair to pull off in one piece.


This deshedding glove works well. I had to use it everyday for about a week before really seeing the benefit. I have a Lab / Shepard mix and she sheds like crazy. After using this product daily for about a week, there is very little shedding going on. I would recommend this to anyone trying to tame the shed!



The True Touch glove is definitely the best tool on the market. Our husky loves it and it works really well.

You can check it out here on amazon!

And, here are my five tips about how we live with Denver’s shedding.

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