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Ruggable Review for Dog Owners

Our family consists of 2 adults, 3 large dogs (50+ lbs), a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old. We live in the Midwest which means we get periods of snow, rain, and mud. One of our dogs is a husky mix which means major shedding twice a year (and regular shedding for the rest of it). With our youngest about to start crawling, a washable rug seemed like it would be right up our alley.

We were stalking the Ruggable for a while because it is an expensive investment. They sometimes offer discounts for 10% or 15% off but for Black Friday, they had 20% off so we decided to try it. We purchased the Dakotah Sumac Rug in 6’x9′ for our family room which is our most heavily trafficked room. This is also the room where we keep our dog crates and where the dogs enter from the backyard (so where all the snow, rain, and mud are tracked in). 

We’ve had our Ruggale for about 7 weeks now and plan on updating our review every so often to let you know how our Ruggable is holding up. This is not sponsored and here is our honest Ruggable review so far:


  • Easy to clean, if one of the dogs tracked in snow or mud, we could spot clean with a damp towel and a little dish soap. We’ll have to see how it holds up during the heavy spring rains when it gets really muddy. 
  • We put it through the washing machine and dryer once. We’ve seen other people having issues with the edges curling up after washing and drying but have not experienced that so far. Other dog owners have also reported curling because of their dogs’ paws getting caught on the edges while playing. Our dogs are lazy when they’re inside the house, so that is not an issue for us. 
  • The fibers aren’t raised so it is easy to vacuum since dog hair doesn’t get caught in between the fibers. Our robot vacuum doesn’t get stuck on it or trip over the edges of it like it did with our old rug. 
  • Our husky mix is tri-colored and this design also does a pretty good job of hiding dog fur. 
  • It doesn’t shed. Our old tufted rug shed like crazy in addition to all the dog fur.


  • Expensive but so is buying a replacement rug every few years.
  • It’s not particularly plush underfoot and I read some other reviews that the printed patterns on smaller sizes or the round shape can look strange. 
  • There is definitely a learning curve for installing the rug and rug pad system. Watch their YouTube video on how to install. We also installed it partially under our sectional so that was our workout for the day.
  • Depending on the size you choose, it might not fit your washing machine and/or dryer. We have an extra large capacity washing machine and dryer so the 6’x9′ rug fit. easily. Ruggable goes all the way up to 9’x12′ and that would be a stretch especially because of the last con.
  • It takes a REALLY long time to dry. Maybe it’s our “high efficiency” dryer but it did need to go through the dry cycle more than once.

The true test will come springtime when the dogs are tracking in a lot of mud and we will need to wash it more frequently so stay posted for our next Ruggable review (also, I guess we’ll have to update our cost of owning a dog to include this awesome rug).

If you have one let us know in the comments how you like it!

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