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Say Goodbye to the Cone of Shame

Dog cones can be used for a variety of reasons from protecting post surgery incisions to preventing dogs from obsessively licking a rash. When you think of dog cones, the vet issued hard plastic ones–aka the Cone of Shame–usually come to mind. This type of cone can be cumbersome and ill-fitting which causes discomfort when moving around, difficulty seeing, difficulty eating, and overall increased stress for your dog. If your dog has the standard issue cone blues, here are some alternatives.

Inflatable Dog Cone Donut


-These come in a variety of cute designs and sizes.

-Donut design gives dogs better visibility, freedom to eat, and allows them to sleep comfortably.

-Soft so it doesn’t scratch up walls if your dog bumps into them.

-Comes with a velcro strap for an adjustable fit.

-Inner part can be threaded through dog’s collar to ensure it stays put.

-Removable and washable cover that is also easy to wipe clean.


-Might not fit dogs of all shapes. If your dog has a long muzzle, long legs, long tail etc they might be able to get around the design of the cone to bite or lick their wounds.

-Will need to be re-inflated to ensure secure fit.

-Some reviewers wrote that theirs popped when scratched or bitten.

-If your dog is a level 10 escape artist, this might not work for them.

Check it out here!

Padded Fabric Elizabethan Collar


-Three ways to adjust fit and ensure the cone stays on: velcro, drawstring, and buckle. 

-Durable waterproof fabric exterior so it is easy to clean.

-Deeper depth so can be used for longer limbed dogs.

-Can be folded back so dog can eat and drink easier.

-Flexible enough so that dog can sleep comfortably.


-Some dogs figure out how to fold back the cone which enables them to reach their incision/wound/rash.

-Since this is a dark fabric combined with the deeper depth, it can be hard for some dogs to see and move around.

-Can be tricky to secure since there are 3 different fasteners.

Check it out here!

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