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Senior Dog Essentials

The larger the dog, the earlier they reach their senior years. We have 3 large dogs who are in this golden age. Our dogs are all adopted so their ages are just a guestimate: our husky mix Denver is 10, our pitbull Chloe is 10, and our super mutt Benji is 8. As they age, our goal is to keep them as comfortable and healthy as possible. 

Denver had a few random seizures in the last few years. Despite his health scares, his and our other dogs’ overall health has been pretty good given their age and history.  Getting old is a privilege, especially for shelter dogs. Our dogs are part of our family and we plan on taking care of them until they cross that rainbow bridge.  Here are some essentials as our wild young pups become wise old dogs.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

This orthopedic memory foam dog bed is great for older dogs. The memory foam provides ergonomic support for old joints. The removable cover can be washed if accidents occur.

Probiotic Powder

Gut health is so important for older dogs. This easily portioned probiotic supports digestion, boosts immunity, and has antioxidant properties. Another added benefit is that it has helped with Denver’s noxious gas. 

Carpeted Stairs

Our super mutt Benji has a long torso and short legs and this body type is prone to knee and back injuries. The less jumping he does, the less chance of him getting injured. Pet stairs up to the bed or other furniture is a must. 

Joint Care Supplement

This joint supplement contains Omega 3, Glucosamine, and other ingredients that support mobility and healthy joints as your dog ages. 

Dog Lift Harness Sling 

When Denver had his first seizure, he could not walk afterward. This ended up being temporary but sometimes health problems lead to permanent injuries or limitations for your senior dog. This harness sling can help you assist your dog with lifting or toileting. Convenient and easy to wash if accidents occur.

What do you recommend for senior dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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