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Should you let your dog sleep in your bed?

Oh man, let me tell you that there is nothing better than a warm soft doggo in your lap or at your side. Dog snuggles truly are wonderful. At night there is no better feeling than having your dog at your side while you sleep.

I can speak from personal experience that dogs love beds. Why wouldn’t they? We love beds, too. Beds are meant to be comfortable and dogs love comfort. However, there are situations where you should not let your dog sleep in your bed.

Is your dog potty trained?

If your dog isn’t potty trained yet then you should not let it sleep in your bed.

Has your dog been crate trained?

I’m really going to push for this one. If you haven’t crate trained your dog then it really shouldn’t get bed privileges. I’ve personally dealt with a dog that, once given bed privileges, felt entitled to the bed all the time. This made it impossible for him to sleep anywhere else without extensive protesting. This entitlement can extend to other areas of your relationship with the dog, too.

Does your dog exhibit any of the dominant aggressive traits discussed here?

A relationship with a dog can be a lot like a relationship with another human. They aren’t exactly the same, but many of the same rules we would use in day to day interactions with other people apply. If we have a bratty and entitled friend or family member, rewarding poor behavior with privileges only encourages that behavior. The bed is a reward, a statement of trust. Only a respectful and (mostly) obedient dog should receive that reward. If you are struggling with an aggressive dog, you can check out this post for some tips.

Otherwise, there is nothing better than sharing your bed with a dog. In fact, I encourage it!

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