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The Best Dog Shock Collar – Our Review Of The New Dogtra Pathfinder2

Here. I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret in the dog training industry.

Ecollars, or otherwise known as shock collars, are very prevalent. But, nobody wants to come out and say they use them.

From hunting dog trainers to service dog trainers to police dog trainers to even Cesar Milan (rumored) – trainers in all kinds of industries use this training modality to teach specialized skills to their dogs.

And why shouldn’t these techniques also work with your regular shelter dog that has anxiety and confidence issues?

The honest answer is, they do work. And they work really well.

Why do you want an ecollar?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. What goal are you out to achieve? A collar that is really great for sport dog training will also be good for obedience training- but it’s also goto cost a pretty penny. It’s worth asking yourself what features you really need and what features you can do without.

Many trainers will use a collar in a wilderness setting, potentially in the woods and around water. A waterproof collar, therefore, is an absolute must have. However, if you recently rescued a shelter pup that is struggling to adjust to life at home, you don’t really need a waterproof collar. And what’s the sense of paying for one?

What features do we look for in an ecollar?

There are several features you’ll want to consider when picking out an ecollar.

For one, you’ll want to consider the size of your dog (obviously). A small dog is going to need a small collar with a smaller receiver (the part that delivers the stim to their neck). A large dog is going to need a larger collar and a larger receiver. We’ll give you a few good options for a small and large dog collar.

You’ll also want to consider the lifestyle you and your dog have. Are you a regular on hiking trails? Do you enjoy letting your dog romp in streams and rivers? Or are you more of a backyard playtime and occasional walks type person? If you’re more of the former you’ll want to get a collar that’s water proof and potentially even has gps tracking. If you’re more of the latter, well, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. Just something that will get your dogs attention when you need it to.

Are you a two (or more) dog household? You might want to get a two collar system.

Best Waterproof Shock Collar With GPS Tracker For Outdoor Dogs – Review Of The Dogtra Pathfinder

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Waterproof shock collars offer freedom that regular collars don’t: mainly, the ability to go under water. This makes them absolutely essential for water dogs.

That makes the Dogtra waterproof ecollar the right choice for dogs in the great outdoors.

The Dogtra also offers some of the best range on the market, 3/4 mile. This particular model also provides multiple stim modes depending on where your dog is in their training.

It’s a great option for enjoying the outdoors with your pup, especially if you’re hanging around water.

The Dogtra Pathfinder offers GPS tracking, corrections, a smartphone app and a smartwatch app. The features this one offers are endless. It even includes a second receiver for two dogs.

One critical feature the Dogtra Pathfinder offers is the ability to set up a GPS “fence” that will correct your dog if they venture too far.

Given all of these features we highly recommend the Dogtra Pathfinder for extensive outdoor use.

You can check it out here.

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