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The Best Dual Use Dog Stroller for Large Dogs – Booyah Bike Trailer

Ideally our pet stroller can carry pups comfortably while also doubling as a bike trailer so they can come on bike adventures with us. They are still super athletic so we currently use a walky dog. One day they won’t be able to run alongside, so the Booyah dog stroller for large dogs is our best option.

And Booyah didn’t skimp on the features, either. It is loaded with value and works amazingly well as both a dog stroller for large dogs and a bike trailer.


  • Engineered to be a “non-tipping” stroller. Ss your dog enters through the back the stroller will not “pop a wheelie”.
  • Has its own braking system. This enables us to park it without the worry that our pup will roll off into traffic. Also helpful when jogging.
  • Comes with suspension, removable cushion, leash, rain/wind cover, removable cushion and safety flag.
  • Very well ventilated for comfort and breathability.
  • Interior is machine washable.
  • Booyah says max weight is 40 lbs but reviewers report the stroller supports dogs up to 65-70 lbs.

What are reviewers saying?

I am very pleased with the Booyah pet stroller, I did lots of research, and I felt this was the one that best fit our needs. We are an active family, so we needed a stroller that would be good on various types of surfaces. I was very surprised at how easily it pushed through a few inches of snow. We adjusted our three legged dog to the stroller at home with lots of treats, and encouragement before the first trial. He is a 70 lb Cattle dog, and he fits in it perfectly. He is a very long dog, and when he laid down he had enough room.

When we took it out of the box, I was surprised how easy it was to assemble. Not that much work was involved. All we had to do was attached wheels, handle bar, support bar, and the brake. I feel one person can put it together in 20 mins or less.


I bought this for my canine children (one older with problems walking) and one younger to ride in it behind me while I am cycling. I spent hours researching these and comparing numerous other stroller/trailers before deciding on this one for overall quality, weight it can support and price. This thing is awesome.

Easy to assemble and easy to convert from stroller to bike trailer, and easy to hook up to your bike too. The wheels are nice. The only thing is the matting inside, I added a soft mat for cushion / comfort. No biggie. I also added the flag and some lights, although it does have reflectors on the front, back and wheels for being visible. My dogs are 80-90lbs each and it holds them with no problem. I have used it as both a stroller and a bike trailer for my canine children. I haven’t used it a lot yet, but hopefully it will hold up. Great product and price all things considered.


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