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The Best Dog Remote Shock Collar – Review of the Mini Educator E Collar

A shock collar. This is probably the most divisive tool in the realm of dog behavior and training. Even hint at the use of shock collars in most circles and you’ll be condemned as being lazy at best and a dog abuser at worst.

The vitriol against shock collars is self-defeating. We all love dogs, that’s obvious. Why would we even discuss the issue in the first place?

And, better yet, what are we supposed to do with the “problem” dogs? Dogs that tear apart walls? Pups that guard food? The dogs that can’t be in public because of leash aggression?

Positive reinforcement works for some dogs, that’s true. But, I would argue, positive reinforcement works for the dogs that don’t have significant issues in the first place.

Most, if not all, rescue groups promote positive only training for all dogs. Yet, that still begs the question. What are dog owners supposed to do with challenged dogs that don’t respond to positive only methods? In most cases, these dogs get given back and eventually put to sleep. In other cases, the problem dogs just get warehoused in a tiny cell for the duration of their lives.

With barely any human contact, their behavioral problems worsen- creating a vicious cycle of behavioral problems. The worse their behavior gets, the less human interaction they get. The less human interaction they get, their behavioral problems worsen. How is it not abusive to take a creature that was bred for human contact and deprive them of human contact?

It IS abusive. Much more abusive than using an aversive training tool like a shock collar to help the dogs acclimate to social life. And, the large majority of dogs with behavioral issues CAN be socialized with the help of shock collars. We CAN save these dogs from death or a lifetime of misery.

The highest quality ecollar that I’ve used is the Mini Educator ET300. You can check it out here.

How do they work?

There are several different paradigms when it comes to training with shock collars (or ecollars). The best training I’ve found is The Good Dog training methodology supported by Sean O’Shea. Here is a youtube video (also check out the other videos on the channel):

This training is technically called “operant conditioning”, but essentially you use the shock collar to apply a mild stim which is released when the dog performs the desired behavior. The positive aspect of this type of training is that once dogs are acclimated to the stim training many behaviors is much easier. Dogs, even very problematic dogs, tune in to their handler. And, a “no” correction word can be taught- aiding in the elimination of problem behaviors.

When we first adopted Benji, he had horrible separation anxiety. I couldn’t even leave the room without him getting upset. He would stress eliminate in his crate creating a huge mess AND he would bark non-stop until I returned. Living in a large apartment complex, this was an enormous problem. We struggled for weeks until I found Sean O’Shea and The Good Dog. With training, Benji’s behaviors started improving immediately. You can read more about the five essential dog commands that helped Benji the most at this link.


Educator collars are manufactured in the USA and designed by engineers with extensive experience with dogs. This company believes so deeply in their collars that they offer a lifetime warranty.

Why is this collar one of the best shock collars for dogs?

The engineers have truly thought of everything.


The collar emits a “wide pulse” stimulation as opposed to a “sharp pulse” that most other collars provide. The wide pulse stimulation is akin to the electrical therapy that physical therapists and athletes use to stimulate muscles. It is definitely an uncomfortable pulse, but it’s not a sharp “pain” like other collars.

Control of Stimulation

The ET-300 provides 100 levels of stimulation. I can tell you from personal experience that every dog is different in different situations. Some dogs respond to very low level of stimulation. For example, our dog Denver is high-drive (he gets often gets very excited and can make bad decisions in this state of mind). However, he responds to a very low level on the collar in most situations.

Every dog will be different and every situation will be different. It will take some experimenting to see how your dog responds. Educator collars provide many different levels for this exact reason.

The Fastest, Most Reliable Wireless Connection

Educator collars have the fastest, most reliable connection on the market. I have used the ET-300 both at distance to train commands and through concrete and brick walls. The signal strength is the best.


Both the ET-300 receiver and the remote are waterproof. Also, the remote will float on water. This feature especially comes in handy at the beach. We play games with the dogs without worrying that they’ll wander too far away.

LED Light

The most fun feature about the collar is the equipped LED light. We love to take the dogs out at night and watch them race each other in the yard when just the LED lights on their collars is visible. While this feature is fun, it’s also helpful if you don’t have a fenced in yard and want to let your dog out at night. The LED ensures that you won’t lose eyesight of your dog.

Warning Mode

The collars offer a vibration stimulation as well as the electrical stimulation. This is another training option that’s especially useful for dogs that are sensitive to the electrical stimulation.

Battery Life

The collar will give you two days of full use before it needs a charge. We charge the remote once a week. Your mileage may vary, however.

What Are the “Real” Experts Saying?

These things make life with a dog so much easier…

No more constantly being concerned about what he’s going to do next.

“Solved 95% of problems in 1 week – Tricky to figure out at first, but results are worth it.”

These were definitely the best money I’ve spent so far in my training for these dogs.


The ET-300 is the best shock collars for dogs, bar none. This engineering team has truly thought of everything. Included are stainless steel and titanium contact points as well as varying lengths. The battery life is superb- it’s the best I’ve found with heavy use. And, the batteries completely recharge in 2-3 hours. ET-300 collars and the remote are waterproof, as well. Additionally, these collars are suitable for use on dogs 5 lbs and larger. Finally, the ranges are true ranges and the signal is strong enough to transmit from the remote to the receiver even through brick walls.

This is the best shock collars for dogs, and I have used them on all three of my dogs. I would recommend them to anyone dealing with a high intensity dog. The ET-300 isn’t a magic wand, but if you’re struggling with an out of control pup they will completely change the game.

Get it on Amazon here.

Please also check out Sean O’Shea’s transformation videos if you’re still not convinced.

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