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The Best Stainless Steel Dog Food Container – Review of the simplehuman Petfood Container

We’ve been on the hunt for a high quality stainless steel dog food container. We have been using the dog food bag (our brand comes with a resealable opening). However, our nearly 3 year old has figured out how to open it, grab a handful of “doggy food” and throw said food all over the house.

Our pups were very happy- we were not.

Features We Want

SO… we have been looking around for a high quality dog food container that fits several criteria:

  1. Airtight and resealable (goes without saying)
  2. Removable inner lining for easy interior cleaning
  3. Easy to clean exterior
  4. Attractive design
  5. Wheels to make it easy to move

Enter… The simplehuman pet food storage container!

Pros of the simplehuman Stainless Steel Dog Food Container

This container is seriously awesome.

  • Reviewers of many other brands of storage containers complain about bug problems. Unfortunately, when your container doesn’t have an airtight seal, ants and other bugs can find your dog food. The last thing we need in our house (with two children under 3) is an ant or bug infestation. The simplehuman offers an airtight seal that keeps dog food fresh and bugs out.
  • It also has a bpa-free removable inner lining. Easy to clean.
  • Includes with a magenetic built-in measuring cup
  • Has wheels
  • Made out of stainless steel and it is easy to clean the exterior
  • Includes a 10 year warranty

Cons of the simplehuman Stainless Steel Dog Food Container

  • Price. It is pretty expensive for a dog food container. As they say, you get what you pay for
  • Limited sizing for extra large bags of food (in case you buy in bulk or have an XXL pupper)

What are reviewers saying?

I really like this dog food container. I am able to put a new 25 pound bag of Merrick puppy food in this 25L can with room left over to allow for the remaining food from the previous bag. I don’t put the actual food bag in as I’ve seen some others mention. I pour it in and throw away the bag. The latch takes just a few times of using to figure out how to undo it really fast, but once you’re used to it, you don’t think about it again. The built in scoop is great and I like the magnetic mounting, but it can be a little tough to remove. You have to pinch and grab it just right so your fingers can get leverage behind to pop it off. I could put a little bit of tape on it to make the magnet not as strong, but it hasn’t bothered me enough to mess with yet. The wheels on the back make it smooth to pull out a little from our pantry and it is short enough that it fits under the bottom pantry shelf. This is a top notch, high quality, and well thought out food can. I haven’t seen anything better out there. I have a large SimpleHuman kitchen trash can that I’ve owned for 12 years and it still looks as good as the day I bought it so it really does seem like a great company. That trash can was really expensive too (more than this one), but it is worth it for the quality you get.


I have a dog that likes to gets into the trash, and I wanted a stainless steel locking can. The regular trash cans that lock have black lids, and I liked the slim front on these, because they allow me to line up three–one for dog food, one for trash, and one for recycling. I ordered one first, to see it, and it came dented. I returned it and ordered two more, because I liked the overall look and design. One of these arrived dented, as well. All in, I believe I ended up ordering 5 in order to get 3 good ones. Other reviews said the same, so this is a known issue with the supplier. The good news is that the return process was easy and pain free. I’ve now had them for 3 months, and they’ve worked out great. Because they are meant for pet food storage and not trash, there is not a foot pedal to open, but that was fine with me. I really needed to protect my kitchen from having trash strewn everywhere, and this can has been great. If you’re getting for pet food storage, they come with a nifty 1 cup measuring scoop that attaches magnetically to the inside of the lid. Very handy and nice to have, and the locking lid has withstood my 130 lb mastiff trying to get into it. Because I bought several cans for different purposes, I purchased magnets online to note what each can is for, and to keep my guests from throwing trash into my dog food. Not the best, aesthetically, but very functional, and they look decent and don’t take up much space. I would purchase these again, but would expect to have to return dented ones in the process, so don’t wait until the last minute if you need one.



The simplehuman stainless steel dog food container is an awesome product. It offers everyone of the features that were on our list. They also include a 10 year warranty which is far better than any plastic storage container.

We think it’s totally worth the money.

You can check out the large on amazon here (large holds between 30-35 pounds of food).

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

p.s. We’re all working hard to get life back to normal. Here’s an article with our tips for how to help your pup transition when we head back to the office.

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  2. Finding the right dog food storage is essential for maintaining the freshness and nutritional value of your furry friend’s meals. The best dog food storage containers combine airtight seals, durable materials, and convenient design to keep kibble secure and free from moisture or pests. Investing in a quality storage solution not only ensures the well-being of your pet but also makes mealtime hassle-free. Look for containers with easy access features and consider the size that suits your pet’s needs to make the feeding routine a breeze!


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