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The Four Best Dog Grooming Tables

We have an 18 month old and another baby on the way.

We need to keep our pups clean with these two little babies. As clean as possible. This is a sliding scale, as I’m sure you can understand.

My pups stay reasonably clean most of the year. However, in the early spring and late fall, the mud in the yard is out of control.

In the spring the grass is still dormant. Yet temperatures are finally above freezing and the mud really comes out to play.

In the fall the grass has just gone to sleep for the winter as the night-time temps drop below freezing.

It would be an impossible task keeping the house clean with all three sets of muddy paws.

Grooming tables have become a real life-changer. I have one set up outside and give each pup a quick clean up every time they play in the mud. Just pop them up on the grooming table and done.

Also. We love our husky, Denver, dearly. But man he sheds like a maniac. Regular grooming helps to keep his fur under control.

Here are our reviews of the best grooming tables!

The Best Large Dog Grooming Table

The flying pig heavy duty grooming table is exactly what you need for a large dog. It is manufactured from stainless steel and is rated to hold up to 330 pounds. It includes an adjustable and foldable grooming arm and noose that is guaranteed to hold your dog in place.

The Best Thing

What we like most about this grooming table is the weight rating. It’ll hold up to 330 pounds. God help you if your dog weighs more than 330 pounds!

We also like that the table is shaped like a bone. You might not realize it, but a bone shape makes it much easier to clean a large dog. Their paws sit at the wider edges and you can sidle up at the narrow side to reach both sides of your dog

The Worst Thing

This table weighs 38 pounds and does not fold up or collapse. It’s not exactly portable.


The table also includes a storage basket and non-slip table top making it a convenient cleaning solution for a larger dog. We highly recommend it!

Check it out here:

The Best Small Dog Grooming Table

This master equipment pet grooming table has some very unique features that make it a good choice for a couple of situations.

It is small which will make it work both with small dogs and in small spaces. And, what’s really cool is that this table spins. Cleaning your dog will be a cinch.

The Best Thing

This table is small and rotates, making the master equipment table great for cleaning small dogs.

The Worst Thing

Because it’s so small, the master equipment grooming table is not going to work for larger dogs (larger than 25 pounds).


The master equipment dog grooming table is a perfect choice for grooming a small dog. The size and rotation make it a great choice for a small space as well.

Check it out here:

The Best Portable Grooming Table

Offering a 220 pound weight rating, the Yaheetech portable grooming table offers a good option if you are looking for a table that can be easily transported.

The Best Thing

Foldable legs make this table both portable and storable. Also includes two loops that come in really handy during grooming, especially if your pup is wriggly.

The Worst Thing

Size. This table will not handle larger dogs. At just over 30 pounds, this table is just a tad heavy for everyday portability.


The Yaheetech grooming table is the right option for a portable grooming table.

Check it out here:

The Best Grooming Table Arm

It’s worth considering if you even need a whole grooming table. Downtown pet supply offers this fantastic grooming table arm that can be used with a variety of tables- allowing you to use it with large dogs, small dogs as well as transport it and store it easily. It will attach to essentially any surface and includes a grooming loop and haunch holder.

The Best Thing

Very portable. Turn any surface into a grooming table.

The Worst Thing

You’ll need to be creative without a grooming table. Also, the other tables offer conveniences like no-slip rubber so your pup won’t be slip-sliding around.


This grooming arm offers the best value for your money. You’ll just need to find the right surface to groom your pup.

So those are the best grooming tables!

If you are like us and you don’t like living with mud and dirt up to your eyeballs, definitely pick one of these up.

Let me know in the comments what your choice is for a grooming table.

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