Zen and the Art of Dog

The Importance of a Schedule and Routine in a Dog’s Life

Routines for dogs are of critical importance. Routines keep dogs sane.

I would even say that the majority of behavioral problems in dogs can be tamed by sticking with a routine.

When dogs lives are unpredictable they begin to act out to try and gain control. They do not trust their owner to provide what they need- so they begin to take matters into their own hands.

This includes behaviors like counter surfing for food, destruction from separation anxiety, accidents and many others.

These behaviors are often simply a dog has an unfulfilled need and they are attempting to take control of their lives to fill that need.

So here is the morning routine for our dogs:

  1. Up at 5:30
  2. Go out to use the bathroom
  3. Eat
  4. Come get water and pets
  5. Get two more bathroom breaks around 12 and 3 (if you work a full time job it’s okay to let them out again when you get home)
  6. Crated again at 6 for bed time.

When dogs know what to expect at what time their behavior improves phenomenally.

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