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The Indestructible Dog Crate – Review of the Crash Test Rated Gunner Kennels G1

The Gunner Kennels G1 Indestructible Dog Crate.

I found this story the other day. Apparently a couple of terriers decided to make a break for it while their dog mom was shopping inside Wal-Mart.

They would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that meddling store getting in the way!

Interviewed after her pets harrowing near escape, the dog mom said she saw the brains of the operation in the driver’s seat with his/her partner-in-crime riding shotgun.

We can laugh about this hilarious caper now, but if the dogs had hurt themselves or someone else we wouldn’t be laughing.

The dog mom left the car running so her pups wouldn’t get overheated, which was the right idea. However, because she left them loose they knocked the car out of gear and nearly “steered” it into Wal-Mart’s front door.

The mom could have really used a Gunner Kennel G1!

I’ve been looking for a crate that is both a safe road trip crate and a crate that keeps our dogs safe inside. Gunner Kennels looks to do both with its practically indestructible G1.

The Gunner Kennels G1 is Crash Test Rated

The best feature about this crate is that it is crash test rated. There are many ways a crate can be indestructible, but crash safety is probably the most important.

As you can see here, this Center for Pet Safety 2015 crash test study found that the Gunner Kennel G1 was rated superior. The G1 was found to provide maximum safety to the test dog inside. Additionally, the G1 retained structural integrity and the test dog was removed without any issues.

The G1 was the highest rated kennel tested, which really speaks volumes about its indestructibility. 85% of the kennels that the center for pet safety test fail! The G1 is the only kennel that can truly call itself an indestructible dog crate.

Heavy Duty Construction

The G1 indestructible dog crate is made for use.

It is engineered with double-walled rotomolded construction. Rotomolding is the process that produces super strong plastics (you can read about it here if you’re interested.)

The kennel’s door is virtually escape-proof. It is custom welded and has an aluminum frame. It also includes features like backup top and bottom safety latches and a paddle latch door that keep your pup safe inside.

The G1’s hardware is all rust proof stainless-steel. This includes the piano hinge, the door latch and everything else.

Gunner Kennels also includes kayak handles for regular travel and carrying.

If you do have an anxious dog that tends to destroy crates, Gunner offers a chew-kit that will help keep your pup inside. Also, if your pup is suffering from anxiety, you might consider CBD treats. Check out this article to learn more.

Additionally, the crate has recessed flooring and a drainage plug for easily clean-up of accidents.

Otherwise, the crate comes with a lifetime warranty (excluding pet destruction.)

Handling Heat and Cold

Gunner engineered these crates to be all-purpose and outdoor friendly. This means that it incredibly provides shield against all seasonal weather.

First of all, the crate has rubber feet that raises the bottom off the ground. This helps reduce heat dissipation in cold while also keeping the temperature from rising in hot weather.

The double-layered walls also act as insulation, keeping the interior temperature stable in both hot and cold environments. You can check out Gunner’s field test at this link to see how much better the G1 does against its competitors.

That being said, you wouldn’t leave your dog outside for very long in extreme temperatures anyway. You can rest assured that while you and your pup are playing outside she’ll be safe.

What are people saying?

I was concerned with the safety of my dog when we traveled. I saw video of normal plastic kennels flying to pieces during an impact. … It stays intact during an impact, creating a safer environment for my pet… I now can transport my pet knowing that she is as safe as I can possibly make her.

read it here

This is the only crate that keeps my dog calm and safe in the car … worth every penny!

read it here

Who is it for?

The Gunner G1 has several uses that it really excels at. Many different dog parents can find benefits for their puppers. I would strongly consider this crate if you are often on the road, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities with your dogs. Peace of mind knowing that your dog will be safe in an accident is priceless (it will also keep them from plowing through Wal-Mart’s front door). This crate is IATA compliant for most airlines, as long as you provide “live animal” stickers and food and water.

I wouldn’t consider this crate as your regular at-home kennel. It’s not necessary (unless you are using it as both an at-home kennel and traveling with it regularly).

Also, this indestructible dog crate isn’t for hyper-anxious dogs. Gunner has an additional chew-kit that you can get on their website for hyper-anxious dogs. However, the lifetime warranty does not cover damage done to the crate by your dog. If you have a super anxious pup, check out the Zinger Winger PR4500.

Definitely click here for the medium (up to 45 lbs) or here for the small (up to 30 lbs) to check it out! You can get an intermediate or large at their website.

Want to see some more indestructible crates? Check out my post on the strongest heavy duty dog crates.

Until next time!

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