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Review of the Zinger Winger Heavy Duty Dog Crate – The Crate Designed for Anxious Dogs and Escape Artists

Bailey greeted me at the door.

“How did she get out?” I thought.

The completely destroyed crate was lying in tatters where I left her by the window.

I wasn’t even gone that long!

Fortunately, Bailey didn’t destroy anything else in the house. She did destroy her crate, however. General wear and tear on the house and our furniture comes with the territory when taking care of our three dogs. Bailey, however, was a special case. She is my sister-in-law’s dog. We love her to pieces. So do our three other pups!

Bailey is a special pup. Like Benji, Denver and Chloe, Bailey is a rescue dog. And as we know, rescue dogs can have issues. Otherwise, Bailey is a wonderful dog. But, she has terrible separation, storm and fireworks anxiety.

When I locked her away in our crate, I thought I was keeping her safe. Unfortunately, she tore apart the crate for her freedom- potentially risking her life in the process.

Those of us who have special dogs understand how important it is to keep them safe. A crate that can be torn apart by an anxious dog is not a crate at all. It can be a death sentence.

I’ve heard stories of dogs so anxious they’ve punctured veins in their throats tearing apart their crates- nearly bleeding out.

In less dire circumstances, dogs can break out of crates and wreak havoc on the couch.

We have not found a crate that can honestly call itself completely indestructible other than the Zinger PR4500. Here is our review of this awesome crate.

3 Things to Look For In a Heavy Duty Dog Crate

First of all, the crate will need to be made out of solid metal. And, considering that most metals are heavy, ideally the crate is also light. The Zinger Winger heavy duty metal dog crates are made out of aircraft grade aluminum.  Aluminum dog crates are superior to steel dog crates because they are strong enough to contain our dogs while also being light enough to be moved without giving us a hernia or bulging disc.

A crate also needs to have door hinges and latches that are not chewable or reachable from inside. Dogs in a panic (or escape artists!) will find anything to destroy to get out. The crates need to be thoughtfully designed with this in mind. The Zinger Winger crates use a full length piano hinge to mount the door and two flush mounted slam latches.

We also need to ensure that the crate has excellent ventilation. Our dogs need to stay nice and cool. The Zinger Winger PR4500 comes with 3 rows of ventilation holes along both the top and bottom of its non door and non barred sides so our dogs stay nice and cool.

What Are Zinger’s Customers Saying?

The Zinger Winger PR4500 heavy duty dog crate has a 5 star rating on Amazon, and this rating is well deserved. Customers have said things like:

“This crate is designed for maximum safety”

“The best crate money can buy”

“Will last a lifetime”

“Perfect for dogs that destroy their crates”

Whats In the Box

The PR4500 heavy duty dog crate comes disassembled in a flat box, but simple household tools can be used for assembly. Assembly should take about 30 minutes. The box contains 5 sides, the door, the hinges and screws for assembly.

The crate is designed for medium to large breeds with dimensions of 24W x 30H x 38L and 150 lbs. Please ensure crate is a little bit larger than the dog for comfort. It accommodates dogs of up to 150 lbs.

Zinger Winger Makes the Highest Quality Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Zinger Winger has been manufacturing dog products since 1996. Their motto is “To design and manufacture unique, innovative and dependable dog training products that we ourselves would use.” Their products are of the highest quality.

Zinger crates are finished in a durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat both inside and out to handle the wear and tear of daily use.

The Zinger crate’s doors are reinforced with solid bars and built to last.

The piano hinge and striker plate can be mounted to either side of the door, allowing for maximum flexibility of wear to put the crate.

Additionally, the PR4500 heavy duty large dog crate is strong enough so that the crates are stackable.

Best of all, the crate comes with a 90 day “No Escape” warranty.


If you have a dog like Bailey who is a danger to your house and to themselves, this is the absolute best crate money can buy. You won’t have to worry when you leave the house about coming home to your pup in a bloody mess with a huge vet bill on your hands. Additionally, this crate is IATA certified so it’s perfect for air travel.

Yes, the crate is expensive- one of the most expensive crates on the market. However, the piece of mind is worth it. Your dog will be safe in this crate and so will your house and all your possessions. Additionally, the quality construction of this crate means that it will be the last crate you ever need to buy.

If your pup doesn’t have anxiety bad enough that it destroys its crate, well, count yourself lucky. There are plenty of less expensive crates that will hold your pup well, such as this one and that one.

For all those reasons the Zinger Winger PR4500 is THE BEST heavy duty metal dog crate.

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