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The Very Best Dog Strollers for 2022 – Our Reviews of the Very Best Pet Strollers for Every Need

All three of our dogs are getting up there in age now. Fortunately, though, they are still young, spry and healthy. However, Denver is going to be 10 this year and Chloe is right behind him. Their geriatric days are coming- so we wanted to start researching the best dog strollers and their features now so we are prepared!

Who Uses Dog Strollers?

Dog strollers are super useful for older dogs who aren’t able to walk very far anymore. They are also great for lazy dogs who enjoy being outside but don’t like walking. Our favorite stroller below can double as a bike trailer. Or, if you live in an urban area, strollers are a great option for transporting your pup to and from parks, day care, the groomer or the vet. They are also really useful when traveling with your dog through airports, train stations, etc.

Here is our list of the best dog strollers.

The Best Dog Stroller for Larger Dogs – Our review of the Booyah Bike Trailer

Ideally our pet stroller can carry pups comfortably while also doubling as a bike trailer so they can come on bike adventures with us. They are still super athletic so we currently use a walky dog. One day they won’t be able to run alongside, so the Booyah large dog bike trailer is our best option.

And Booyah didn’t skimp on the features, either. It is loaded with value and works amazingly well as both a stroller and a bike trailer.


  • Engineered to be a “non-tipping” stroller, so as your dog enters through the back the stroller will not “pop a wheelie”.
  • Has its own braking system which enables us to park it without the worry that our pup will roll off into traffic. Also helpful when jogging.
  • Comes with suspension, removable cushion, leash, rain/wind cover, removable cushion and safety flag.
  • Very well ventilated for comfort and breathability.
  • Interior is machine washable.
  • Booyah says max weight is 40 lbs but reviewers report the stroller supports dogs up to 65-70 lbs.

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The Best Two Dog Large Pet Stroller – Review of the Petbobi Dog Stroller for Large Pets

The Petbobi would be the best option if it could double has a bike trailer. Even though it doesn’t it makes a great option for one simple reason- it has a weight rating of up to 120 lbs.

It lacks some features we would otherwise prefer (the aforementioned bike trailer conversion, independent braking, larger wheels for off-roading). However, the fantastic weight rating more than makes up for it. There just aren’t any other strollers available that can handle a super large breed dog or two large breed dogs.


  • Weight rated up to 120 pounds, great for extra large breeds or two regular large breeds.
  • Well ventilated for maximum comfort and hot days.
  • Only weighs 20 pounds, it is really easy to fold and transport.
  • Folds to less than a foot tall for easy storage.

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The Best 2 Dog Stroller for Small Dogs and Cats – Review of the Dporticus Double Pet Stroller

The Dporticus is a great option if you’re looking for a double pet stroller for small dogs and cats. Reviewers report that the build quality is excellent and you get a lot of value for your money.

It’s useful for traveling with multiple dogs and cats, also great for leisurely strolling.


  • Made of high quality oxford fabric with excellent tear and bite resistant. Steel frame with anti-rust coat.
  • Easy to set up and foldable.
  • Weight rated for 30 pounds on each side.
  • Rear wheel brake system.
  • Not a good choice for jogging

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The Best Dog Stroller for Small Dogs and The Best Pet Stroller for Cats – Review of the Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller

  • Weight rated up to 33 pounds
  • Cushioned Mattress
  • Multiple mesh windows
  • Large undercarriage
  • 3 zippered entries
  • Cup holders
  • Comfortable grip handlebar
  • Leash clip

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The Best Luxury Dog Stroller – Review of the Ibiyaya 3 Wheeled Luxury Dog Stroller

If you’re looking to impress the neighborhood you can’t do much better than the Ibiyaya luxury dog stroller. It does have an eye-catching design and your dog will be hauled around in luxury. It also folds down for easy storage and only weighs 17 pounds.


  • Weight rated up to 44 pounds, so can handle small and medium sized dogs.
  • Weighs only 17lbs. When folded it can neatly and easily fit into the trunk of a car.
  • All-wheel suspension for a smooth ride and a front locking swivel wheel.
  • Stunning design with rose gold frame. Be the fanciest pup on the block!

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And those are the best dog strollers for 2022. Let me know in the comments if you have any personal experience with them or have another recommendation for dog strollers!

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