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Review of The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

We love our rescued mutts around these parts. They are so sweet and snuggly- and care for our family so well.

Adopting Denver was life changing. His little bro Benji has taught us so much about dogs and about life. And Chloe was just languishing needlessly at a shelter, year after year.

There’s something very surreal when you feel like you know an animal so well but still lack some basic information about them.

For one, we owned Denver for several years. I felt like he was my best friend. He slept in our bed! But, all we knew about his background was that he was found in Tennessee and driven to Chicago with a bunch of other dogs. He looks like a husky so we thought he was 100% husky.

Benji was found as a stray wandering alongside a highway. He was only at his shelter for a few months before he came home with us. The shelter thought he was a basset hound/ german shepherd mix (a weird combination!) so that’s what we assumed he was.

(We actually know quite a bit about Chloe’s sad background you can read it here if you’re interested.)

Anyway, we got Wisdom Panel DNA test kits a few years ago and the results were fascinating.

Denver the husky is actually only 25% husky. Here are his Wisdom Panel results:

And here’s Benji’s Wisdom Panel results:

So Benji is a pretty bizarre mix of many different breeds. But if he’s a basset hound it’s a very small percentage.

The wisdom panel is also really helpful because different breeds can have a wide range of health problems. Knowing that Benji isn’t really a basset hound is useful information to give to our vet.

If you’d like to know more about your best friend I highly recommend using Wisdom Panel. You can get it here on Amazon.

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