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Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

The Tractive gps tracker for dogs has been on the market for a couple of years now. There was a definite need for a low cost tracker that had “bare bones” features and basic tracking. We had been looking for one specifically so that we could find our dogs if they get out of the yard.

So does the Tractive gps tracker for dogs live up to its promise? Here is our review.

The Economical Option

The Tractive gps tracker for dogs is the right choice for simple tracking. The gps unit will clip to your dog’s collar and you’ll get updates on their activity to your phone.

For the features you get the Tractive gps tracker for dogs really delivers at this price point.


  • Cost-effective
  • Live tracking and movement history
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Tracks in USA, Canada, and 150 other countries
  • Outline an “invisible fence” and get phone alerts if your dog ventures outside of the fence area
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Location updates every 2-3 seconds


  • Requires paid subscription plan- BUT it’s only $4.99/ month
  • Collar attachment can be flimsy, so it could fall off your dog
  • Battery life is not great

What are reviewers saying?

After I lost my dog for 5 days and nights I began my search for a GPS tracker in case this was ever to happen again. I purchased a Garmin device that was probably good, but not for my needs. I wanted something more for running with my dog on trails and it was just way too bulky for everyday use. Then I purchased a Fi collar. Let me just say that it was a joke. Not only did the collar fall off my dog on a run, but the tracking was useless. I couldn’t even use the service to locate the collar even though I had good coverage on my phone. The app was terrible on so many levels as well. Then I purchased a Tractive collar and I have to admit that I was skeptical especially for the price, but it works great.

I can’t believe how good of a product it is and I would have happily spent more money. I’ve been using it for a few week now and the GPS has been super reliable and the app is great too. It actually works for you instead of forcing you to use it how the company wants you to use it like the Fi. It shows where you are in proximity to the collar unlike the previously mentioned collar and it has an on/off switch as well.

The app has what you need and not a bunch of unnecessary information that I feel is pointless if you just want to be able to find your dog. So if you are looking for a collar that is priced right and works great get a Tractive collar.


Awesome GPS Pet Tracker and Great App! I also pay for the premium subscription, so I have all the features available. I like the activity tracker too, motivates you to move your pet.

They are updating the software in the next few weeks so I am sure as time goes on GPS tracking will be more accurate. I would say it’s 90-95% accurate now.

Battery Life you can expect maybe 3 – 4 Days Max. And 2 hours to fully charge. There is BETA battery saving mode now, but only available via website.

Excellent Customer Service too!



The Tractive gps tracker for dogs is the right choice if you’re looking for basic tracking (simple activity tracking and finding your dog if they get out). Keep in mind that it requires a monthly subscription but that is only $4.99 a month.

You can get it here on amazon!

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