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USDA Purchasing Dogs and Cats from Asian Meat Markets for Experimentation

I found this article the other day about the USDA using Americans’ tax dollars to acquire Asian meat market pets for experimentation in the US.

These experiments occurred as recently as 2015- cats had been subjects of studies since at least 1982.

Any animal rights advocate would be horrified by what they did to these dogs and cats.

One experiment involved feeding cats other dead cats. Add to that, the USDA was shown to have made false and misleading statements to the American public. Although at this point we are used to this kind of treatment.

Under current protocol, the ARS breeds up to 100 kittens each year at the lab in Maryland. After they are bred, the kittens are fed raw meat that has been infected with the T. gondii parasite at 8 weeks old and their feces are collected for up to three weeks to harvest eggs for food safety experiments with collaborating partners. The kittens “briefly pass the parasite’s eggs and become immune within weeks,” the report states. However, the kittens are “killed and then incinerated by the USDA because they are no longer useful.”


I am completely shocked that this hasn’t received more attention.

According to the white coat waste project, Americans spend up to $15bn per year for animal experimentation. I know that I didn’t authorize any of my money to be used for such a horrific purpose, and I highly doubt any other of my fellow citizens did either.

There is little accountability for these experiments. If it weren’t for serious journalists doing god’s work we would never hear about the pain these animals must endure.

Definitely check the article out at the New York Post here.

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