Zen and the Art of Dog

Well hello there!

It’s a really beautiful day here in Indiana. I thought I’d post a personal update to keep everyone informed about what’s going on with us.

They boys are growing so fast. They are one and three now and love tearing the house apart. Our days with them are gorgeous. Harry(3) is already reading- I’m so proud of him. And Hunter is pulling himself to stand and looks like he’s about to walk.

Hunter with yours truly at swim class

Our three pups are still putting up with us. We just took them all to the vet. Vet trips are quite an adventure with our menagerie. Chloe, our pit, hasn’t been eating the past few days. The vet ran a blood panel on her and it came back okay. So not sure, but I’ll keep you posted.

Our Chloe

Anyway, we’d love to here from you. Say hi, or what’s up, or whatever!


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