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Why should you get a second dog – How we ended up with two dogs

We adopted our first dog, Denver, in 2014.

He saved my life. I mean that. I was in a terrible mental state, suffering from depression and anxiety. My wife and I decided that a dog would help me feel better. And, he did.

We fell in love with Denver. He was just the sweetest puppy.

(Also, we spoiled him rotten.)

After owning Denver for a few years, my wife and I began discussing whether we should get a second dog.

That second dog was Benji the super mutt.

Benji was (and is) a hard dog. While he is generally well-mannered, he has trouble managing his excitement.

Sometimes Denver and Benji create a cycle where their excitement feeds each other in a crazy feedback loop from doggy hell.

Mostly, however, the two of them are best doggy friends. They keep each other company. They groom each other. And, they are the best playmates staying in shape chasing each other around the yard.

And that is really why you want a second dog. Dogs are pack animals. They love their families to death, but other dogs in their pack keep them happy. Once introduced, dogs will usually get along great.

Also, there are millions of good, friendly dogs languishing in shelters around the world. Why not give one a chance to be a part of your pack?

(Just be careful with food!)

Let me know why you think you should or shouldn’t get a second dog in the comments!

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