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Review of the Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed – The Best Outdoor Dog Bed

We’re right in the thick of summer here in Chicago. It’s hot, sticky and uncomfortable. My dogs, especially Chloe, LOVE being outside. Her favorite thing to do is roll around in freshly cut grass.

It’s a little bit too hot for them to be outside for longer than a few minutes. What can we do? We could get a dog house, but if they aren’t going to be outside that much or that long it seems like overkill.

Well, outdoor dog beds are a great option to help keep our dogs cool and comfy when they’re outside. Whether it’s a simple raised bed, or one with a canopy, we’ve considered several options to help keep her comfy and cool.

I’ve done the research for Chloe. Here is why the Coolaroo dog bed is the best outdoor dog bed for the money.

What to look for in an outdoor dog bed?

The best options for an outdoor dog bed tend to center around the elevated type design, which resembles a human’s cot. This cot-type bed provides strong mesh or other all-purpose material that is both easy to clean, comfortable and cool. Several elevated dog beds also come with a canopy or other type of cover.

We want the legs and structure to be manufactured from high-quality PVC or metal material. The bed’s fabric should be made from a breathable material that is also highly durable.

There are other types of dog beds but these other designs aren’t as durable or comfortable. I recommend looking specifically at the cot-type design for outdoor dog beds.

The Coolaroo Outdoor Dog Bed

Coolaroo makes the best version of the elevated dog bed. Their product checks off all the boxes including:

  • The elevated design keeps your pet 7 inches off the ground.
  • The fabric is made from breathable polyurethane that is both cool and easy to clean.
  • Legs and frame are manufactured with powder coated steel.
  • Bed is light and easy to move, can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Comes in three sizes for many dog breeds.
  • Offered in 5 different colors.
  • And, finally, the Coolaroo dog bed is Greenguard certified. This means that the elevated dog bed has been rigorously tested for chemical emissions.

What are reviewers saying?

I purchased my first Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed over 6 years ago for my 50 Lb Soft Coated Wheaten (purchased the Medium size). This bed has LASTED! I’ve been impressed and am purchasing 2 more for both of my dogs.

Firstly, I’ll add that I live in sunny Arizona, and most things DO NOT last in the hot/dry Arizona climate. This bed has completely STOOD UP to the long-term test. I’ve attached a few pictures of my older bed compared to the new. I have been extremely impressed and surprised with how well the material has held up through the last 6 years. There is a bit of sagging and rusting, but its lasted 6 years in the rain and heat! No rips from dog nails, and he uses it as a step up to his dog door (which he runs in and out of).

My dog LOVES sitting in this bed as it keeps him off the warmer ground and allows air to flow above and below him. He especially loves it on colder evenings when the wind is blowing.

I would absolutely recommend and rate a perfect 5/5! Thank you for reading and rating my review!!!



The Coolaroo dog bed is truly the best choice for an all-purpose outdoor dog bed. It provides the best value for the money and ticks all the boxes that we need in an outdoor dog bed.

I highly recommend it.

Check out the three sizes here:




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