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In Depth Review of the Petmate Indigo Dog House

Here is a really fantastic dog house. A classic, if you will. The Petmate Indigo Dog House has a patented igloo design that you won’t find anywhere else. That, among many other features, really make a difference in this dog house.

But do you need it?

Find out here!

Why Do You Need a Dog House?

If you’re like me, your dogs spend most of their time inside. Denver, Benji and Chloe get a couple of hours outside a day at most. This is probably for the best- although I would like it if they got more time outside.

A shelter like the Petmate Indigo dog house gives me a lot more freedom to leave them outside. They can spend all the time they’d like sniffing the grass and being goofballs in the yard- while having a place to go if the temperatures get too hot, too cold or rain starts to fall.

Many years ago, families wanted dog houses because the dog slept outside at night. Leaving your dogs outdoors at night isn’t in vogue so much anymore, but even indoor dogs can benefit from a warm, cozy shelter when they are outside!

Features That Make The Indigo a Cut Above

The Petmate Indigo dog house has some very special features that make it one of, if not the best shelter on the market.

Patented Igloo Design

The igloo design offers several advantages. The dome design sheds snow, leaves and other debris that can accumulate on a flat roof house. It won’t blow over in high winds. And, it’s design maximizes heat retention in the cold. Additionally, the igloo design has an intelligent vent placement at the peak of the roof for airflow maximization.

Offset Doorway

The offset doorway is a feature that you won’t find in most other dog houses. This design keeps wind, rain and snow away from your dog.

Foam Construction

This shelter is manufactured from heavy duty plastic foam that maximizes insulation- keeping your dog cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Raised Floors

This shelter features raised floors. Keeping your dog up off the ground minimizes heat dissipation through the ground.

Microban Microbial Product Protection

Prevents the growth of bacteria that causes stains and odors and can make your dog sick.

Tool Free Construction

The Igloo snaps together and is very sturdy- sets up in just seconds.

Made in the USA

Manufactured in the USA and Petmate is an American company.

A Note On Sizing

What size do you need? I get this question quite often. A good rule of thumb is to use your dog’s weight as a guide.

Petmate recommends that dogs 25-50 lbs use the medium dog house. Dogs 50-90 lbs should use the large dog house. Any larger than 90 lbs and your dog should use the extra-large dog house.

However, many reviewers report that the sizing runs a tad small. So I would recommend that you opt for the large dog house if your dog is 40-45 pounds and the extra large if your dog is 75-80 pounds.

Hear From The Reviewers

This house looks like a “medium”, rather than a large. I bought the Large for my 85-lb German Shepherd mix, who is 28 inch (paw to top of shoulder); he couldn’t fit in the house if he wanted to (and he tried). My lab is 21-inches tall and she fits comfortably into the opening of the Large house. If this house was smaller, she wouldn’t have fit and I’m not confident that the X-large would fit our German Shepherd. FYI — our dogs are not fat; they are very lean. We are going to keep the house for our Lab; which fits her perfectly. The sizing aside, the quality of the house is extraordinary, very well built and very well insulated. It, finally, rained here in Northern California and I checked to make sure that it there were no leaks in the house … it stayed nice and dry inside.


This dog house seems to be durable and of good quality. It is made of very hard plastic. It comes in two pieces so you can remove the top half and wash the bottom if necessary. The two halves snap into place with sturdy plastic tabs.
The inside is spacious. I have two 20 pound dogs that fit in the dog house comfortably.
There is a vent on the top which is nice for those really hot days. The front can be left without a door or you can purchase it separately. We chose to purchase the door so the dogs feel enclosed and protected and to help keep the cold air out once winter approaches.
The dog house is bulky and because of it’s awkward shape, difficult to move around. I would have liked it more if there were handles somewhere on the outside.



The Indigo is very highly recommended and I can see why. It offers some unique features and is reasonably priced.

I doubt you will find a better dog house that will shelter in all weather. That said, you may not want this dog house if you’ll need to move it regularly.

Also, if you decide to order it, be careful with the sizing. I would definitely opt for the next size up if your dog is near the cusp of the weight range.

Otherwise, I highly recommend the Petmate Indigo dog house! Click here to get it on Petmate’s website.

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All the best!

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