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K9 Ballistic Dog Bed Reviews – The Best Dog Beds for Chewers

Denver, our husky, destroyed his bed the other day.

Denver, napping on rocks

He is an anxious pup and we haven’t had much success helping him work through his anxiety. Generally he’s well-behaved and keeps his anxiety under control.

But, sometimes, he destroys his bed. This was maybe his 3rd or 4th bed in the last two years that he destroyed.

This most recent time he destroyed his bed because he was upset about a thunderstorm we were having and didn’t like that he was in his crate. (He wasn’t happy outside of his crate either…)

Prior to that I think he ate his bed because he didn’t like being crated after we left the house.

Anyway, Denver has destroyed quite a few beds. So we are in the market for a new bed.

During our research for a new bed we checked out a few (you can read our reviews here.)

And the K9 ballistics is really one of the best on the market. Here is our in-depth review.


The K9 ballistics dog bed really lives up to its name. It is thoughtfully engineered with high quality materials. This bed looks more like it should be in the home of a search and rescue dog cruising through the outback.


  • Aluminum frame prevents your dog’s teeth from accessing fabric edges and corners.
  • This chew resistant, cot style tough dog bed has a metal frame and corners.
  • Designed to fit most standard size folding crates. Use it without a crate as well.
  • Comes in both a flat design and a raised bed design.
  • Within 120 days we will replace any damaged component(s), once, free of charge.


  • This is a heavy duty dog bed. If you have a dog with run of the mill anxiety, like Denver’s, this bed should last. However, if your dog is next level anxious they can still destroy this bed.
  • Some reviewers report that a dog could still destroy the soft bed part. Again, anything can be destroyed by an upset or determined dog.
  • Reviewers report that this bed is best used inside a crate. This isn’t really a con, but just keep in mind that best use will be with a crate.
  • It is somewhat expensive, but it is engineered to last a lifetime.

What are the real world k9 ballistic dog bed reviews?

This bed fits my dog’s crate perfectly and the armored edges make it impossible for him to pull it up and chew on it. So far he hasn’t even tried! I think he’s finally met his match. Bonus is that it looks good, as well.

My dog has wanted every bed we have our in his crate. Since he is a German Shepard mix I wanted to make sure he was comfortable and had some padded for his hips while sleeping in his crate at night. This bed fits perfectly and even the biggest chewer hasn’t been able to put a scratch on it! He loves it so much he no voluntarily goes in his crate when he wants to nap!


Reviewers love this dog bed and you most likely will, too. It offers a strong design and is made from really high quality materials.

The k9 ballistics dog bed is offered in multiple sizes.

You can get the small, medium and extra-large on amazon.

What do you think about our k9 ballistic dog bed reviews? Let us know in the comments below!

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